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Amazon Echo speakers with built-in Alexa have been the go-to smart speaker for many years. best seller worldwide. Much of its success is due to its low price for basic models that are more than enough for most users. Nor can we forget that Alexa, the assistant that manages them, works much better than any other, including the Google and Apple models.

The Amazon Echo are much more than a speaker to listen to our music from Spotify since we can configure it to perform certain tasks, tasks that are based on a trigger, based on a schedule, voice command among others through routines. Through the Amazon Alexa application, available in the Play Store and in the App Store, we can configure our Echo speaker so that, when a condition is met, the corresponding action is activated.

Amazon Alexa
Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa
Amazon Alexa

In this way, we can tell Alexa “I’m going to have a snack” to stop the Fire TV playback and turn on the kitchen light. We can also say “I’m leaving” so that turn off all smart lights that we have at home, or “Good morning” so that, instead of saying good morning, he reads us the latest news. However, one of the uses that this assistant has and that can get us out of a spot is the sound detection function.

Through the Amazon Alexa application, we can create a routine so that, based on the sound it detects, perform one action or another. The types of sounds currently recognized by Amazon Echo devices are:

Amazon Alexa Routines

  • appliance beeps. If the Amazon smart speaker detects the sound of an appliance, be it an oven, washing machine, dishwasher or any other, we can configure it to send us a notification to our mobile through the Amazon Alexa application.
  • sounds of water. This type of sound can be useful for us when we are washing the dishes or taking a shower, playing a playlist or podcast.
  • peter barkingeither. If we have a dog as a pet, if it barks regularly we can create a routine so that sounds are played to calm it down.
  • Snoring. This function is ideal if we usually fall asleep in bed, since it allows us to automatically turn off the light as well as all connected devices and, incidentally, play types of sounds that help us sleep better.
  • Crying baby. When the baby begins to sleep alone in his room, thanks to the Amazon Echo, we can create a routine so that, when he cries, a lullaby is played and/or the light is turned on very dimly to help him get back to sleep. fall sleep.
  • Cough. We can also activate this type of sound if in our family we are quite forgetful when it comes to drinking water, especially if we cough regularly.

We can configure all these routines so that they only run at a certain time. The application puts at our disposal different types of predetermined routines based on the type of sound that is heard, routines that we can modify to fit our needs. To create routines based on a sound that the Amazon speaker detects, we just have to open the Amazon Alexa application, click on Further and select routines. Next, we enter the name with which we want to identify it, click on When and then in sound detection.

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