6 excellent animated films that are neither Disney nor Pixar

There is no doubt that both Disney and Pixar have made animation history. Some of his movies, like The Lion King or the saga toy story, they are legendary and fans of this type of cinema cannot miss them.

But nevertheless, there are many more animated films that are worth watching out of these two studies and we recommend these.

1. Spirited Away (Studio Ghibli)

Actually, We recommend practically any film made by Ghibli and its founder, the legendary Hayo Miyazaki. From my neighbor totoro until princess mononoke, going through this Spirited Away, which I highlight, simply, by pure personal preference, although almost all of them are true works of art.

The animation is spectacular, traditional and with an inimitable aftertaste very typical of this study. In addition to that, his stories are always magical, with a background of tenderness and humanity that is difficult to overcome.

2. How to Train Your Dragon (Dreamworks)

If you want something more in line with the Disney/Pixar spirit, but not from them, the answer is, without a doubt, the saga How to Train Your Dragon. The success of the film from Dreamworks studios has made it a three-film franchise for the time being.

And the three maintain a good level, although the best is the first. He lost at the Oscars for best animated film, but his rival was none other than toy Story 3.

From that same study, we recommend you too megamind. Very funny.

3. Your name (Comix Wave Films – Tōhō)

We return to Japan again to a cult animated film, your name.

There we are told the story of a boy and a girl who occasionally wake up in each other’s bodies and do not know each other at all. The development of the story and their search for what is happening to them has given rise to a mythical film among fans anime.

However, the quality of its design, its visual style and its plot are suitable for any serious movie fan.

4. Akira (Katsuhiro Otomo)

And if we talk about legends and masterpieces, without a doubt, Akira must be at the top. The 1988 film does not age one iota and shows us a Neo-Tokyo in a future that, in reality, has already passed, because it is set in 2019.

Essential if you are a lover of anime, the cyberpunk Or you just have good taste.

5. The Iron Giant (Warner Bros)

one of the movies more emotional and another of those strange masterpieces that do not have the Disney/Pixar stamp, although, actually, a little yes. The film is from 1999 and was directed by Brad Bird who, after her, would sign some films mythical Pixar, like Ratatouille or the incredibles 2.

Although it was a box office flop, It is excellent and has been vindicated over the years. Plus, it’s probably Vin Diesel’s best role.

6. The Breadwinner / The Bread of War (Netflix)

Produced by Angelina Jolie among others, this animated film, Oscar-nominated and produced by Netflix (you can see it there), narrates the life of Parvana, an Afghan girl who lives under the Taliban regime.

Essential if you like good animation and more adult themes.

As you can see, there is life, and a lot of it, beyond the almighty Disney and Netflix. So if you want a breath of fresh air, feel free to take a look at any of these animated moviesbecause they are excellent.

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