6 Tools to Use for Creating Content for Your International Business

Investing in top-notch content creation tools should be at the top of your priority list when planning what you will do this year to bolster your marketing approach. Your team will have more time to think about the bigger picture if you streamline business processes by using a reliable tech stack.

In the year 2023, you should abandon the outdated methods of creating, sharing, and analyzing content. Instead, consider adopting cutting-edge software that is simple to operate and helps with content forms fit for different foreign markets.

Translation management system

To expand into new markets, you have to produce content that can be understood by the local audience. That’s why you need your content to be well translated before you begin your expansion.

Even in a single language, it can be difficult to keep track of all the moving parts involved in translating all the content about a product or service. Managing multiple languages across multiple products can easily spiral out of control, but this doesn’t have to happen.

A translation management system is software that streamlines the entire translation and localization process. It is designed to handle translation project management at scale. With the help of such a platform, you can make a workflow from the first content upload all the way to the finished translations.

Smart automation is at the heart of a translation management system. As a result, teams all over the world can work more efficiently and spend less time on mundane tasks.

Plagiarism checker

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Copying someone else’s work is something you need to avoid at all costs. Not only is it morally wrong to do, but you could also end up in legal trouble. Fortunately, that’s where a reliable plagiarism checker can help.

Plagiarists use a combination of techniques to pass off previously published material as their own. If you use a plagiarism checker, it will give you access to the original content so you can see for yourself where the copied text came from.

On top of that, you also get to see exactly what needs to be changed and to what degree thanks to the provided percentage of similarity. Moreover, you can see how much of your original work has been copied by others by producing original content and running it through a plagiarism detection tool. You also get feedback on how original your writing is and whether or not it needs revisions.

Grammar and spelling tools

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The best aspect of grammar correcting software is that it can check your documents for grammar mistakes so that you can make the necessary corrections. When using reputable and professional grammar corrector software, it is simple to make the necessary corrections to your document.

In addition to correcting the grammar in your content, you can also conduct a thorough spelling and grammar check. You can identify all of your misspellings, and the software will also provide the correct version.

Content research tools

You may better anticipate the kinds of topics that your audience will be most interested in by using tools designed specifically for content research.

For example, BuzzSumo is a versatile and powerful tool that can perform a wide range of functions. You can use it for performing content research, content discovery, targeting influencers, and monitoring activities that take place online. The company also offers a tool that validates your content strategy to ensure that it is in accordance with what is currently trending and what is being received positively by customers.

It’s also worth mentioning Buffer. With Buffer, you can organize and schedule your posts across many social media platforms. You can also publish posts, monitor engagement, and look at analytics all in one convenient location, all with the help of this tool.

Keyword finder

No content creator wants to publish great content that will go unnoticed. Luckily, there are a number of tools that can help with this. For example, with Moz’s Keyword Explorer, you can quickly determine which keywords to implement while writing blog posts and pages for your website.

This tool allows you to enter keywords or phrase searches. You will receive keyword suggestions from Moz, as well as a SERP analysis that shows the search volume, opportunity, difficulty, and potential of the keyword.

Visual content creation tools

If you need to produce compelling graphic content, you should most certainly see what Canva has to offer. Canva is a platform that makes it simple to generate images and documents that are formatted and ready to be printed or published online. Photos, photo filters, icons, shapes, and hundreds of fonts are just some of the features included.

The tool is deemed to be excellent for the creation of digital content due to its drag-and-drop design interface. Canva offers its new customers the opportunity to create a free account and immediately begin designing with pre-made design layouts.

Aside from flyer templates, posters, and email headers, Canva provides users with pre-sized templates for various social network platforms.

Final words

Streamlining your work with a solid tech stack will give you and your team more time to consider the big picture. That’s why you should make good use of the tools you have seen in this article and dominate the content creation game in the days to come.

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