6 videos to scare granny on New Years Eve

This December 24, to avoid political debates, what if you show grandpa and grandma horror short films?

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to get together around good food, with family or friends. Celebrations that often drag on and that can also quickly turn into a nightmare as grandpa puts on glasses of wine and petits fours. To avoid the endless political debates and other questions about your love affairs, here is our selection of horrific short films, which promise big fears between the turkey and the log. Not recommended for heart patients, unless you want to touch the inheritance a little earlier than expected …

Tuck me in (2014)

We start slowly, with a short that is more on the side of the strange. Directed by Ignacio F. Rodo, Tuck me In is a simple, short but devilishly effective short film. It is based on a legend that has terrorized children for generations, that of the monster under the bed. If the film is only available in original version, you can activate the subtitles for non-English speakers.

2AM: The Smiling Man on YouTube (2013)

Michael Evans was inspired by a story told by a Reddit user to write his short film. At two o’clock in the morning, on his way home, a man has a strange encounter. This time, we warn you, if you are not used to the mechanics of the genre, you might scream in the middle of the meal. Again, watch the film at your own risk.

Salt (2018)

What happens if a demon takes over your living room? Nominated at Canneseries in 2018, Salt is a short film directed by Rob Savage that follows the adventures of a mother and her sick daughter, while a demon has taken up residence in their home. The only way to get rid of it: draw a circle of salt to keep it at bay. With rather clever mechanics, he manages to install a certain atmosphere until the climax, always so scary. Not to be shown to young children, otherwise they will be traumatized forever.

Whisper – Amazon Echo Horror Short (2017)

Did you think the scariest part about voice assistants was collecting your data? Think again. With Whisper, Julian Terry invites horror into our daily lives and our connected objects. The Amazon Echo transforms into a sound sensor, which helps the protagonist spot a presence.

The Rizzle – Huluween Film Fest (2018)

Josh Tanner immerses us in the twists and turns of YouTube with his short film selected at the Huluween Film Fest. The Rizzle is a subtle blend of the weird and the fantastic, adopting rather effective horror mechanics. A controlled atmosphere that will certainly be a recipe.

Lights Out -Who’s There Film Challenge (2013)

What happens when you turn off the light in the evening before going to bed. Sometimes you think you can make out a figure in the dark and then find out when you light up your room that it is empty. It is this little fear of everyday life that the short film explores Lights out, directed by none other than David F. Sandberg (Annabelle 2: The Creation of Evil).

The filmmaker accustomed to genre films portrays his wife in a short that is cold in the back. Moreover, it is this 3-minute film that will give birth to In the dark, produced by James Wan, released on our screens in 2016. David F. Sandberg has also made a foray into the world of superheroes, with the first installment of the adventures of Shazam! at DC.

All that remains is to wish you a happy New Year’s Eve, not too scary, we hope.

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