6 Windows tricks to teach a friend who has no idea about computers

It is more than likely that most of you, based on the experience gained over the years, consider yourself advanced users of the system. Microsoft Windows. But we must bear in mind that not everyone knows this software like we do, so we can become an excellent help.

Surely over time on many occasions you have met friends or relatives who have asked you certain somewhat basic questions regarding the aforementioned Windows. What, at first for us, who have been using this operating system for many years, may seem basic tasksfor others they can become a real mess.

We refer to users who are starting to work with a PC based on Microsoft software and who have not had previous experience in all of this. Whether it is young or old, there are certain things about Windows that are difficult for many. All this despite the efforts of the software giant itself to try to turn this system into software accessible to all.

Therefore, and as experienced users in all of this, below, we are going to talk about some tricks that you can show your friends or family regarding Windows if you have no idea of ​​working here. This will help them to a great extent to begin to function in what could be considered the most complete and reliable operating system to date. It is true that Windows is full of functions and sections that help us to function better when working with our PC.

Useful tricks for the most inexperienced in Windows

Some of these tools are key for the less experienced and begin to get the most out of the system.

  • From here you customize its appearance: there are many functions that allow us to customize the Windows interface and adapt it to what we need. Therefore, novices should be familiar with the Settings app. Specifically, the Personalization section in order to change the appearance of the operating system to your tastes or needs.

  • Restart fixes many bugs: there are many failures that we can find in terms of the operation of Windows suddenly. This means that we should point out to friends and family who have had little work with this software or on a PC that restarting the computer fixes many of these errors.
  • The Microsoft Store is very useful: especially dedicated to those without much experience in Windows, for security reasons the official store of the system can be very useful. Here we find all kinds of applications and software solutions that we can safely download and that also adapt perfectly to the operating system. Many times it is preferable to use the Microsoft Store before third-party websites to install software.
  • Use the Troubleshooters: also in the Settings application, specifically in the Update and security section, we find several Troubleshooters. These are functions that are responsible for fixing failures in different sections of the operating system automatically. All this will be very useful for the less experienced.
  • Take advantage of the taskbar: it is visible at all times at the bottom of Windows and is extremely useful. Here we can anchor the tools and applications that we use the most, which is very useful and comfortable.
  • Don’t forget to update Windows: Despite the complaints and controversy that Windows updates have generated over time, they are essential elements. Thus, we should use them whenever possible or Microsoft will send us a new one.

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