62% of the self-employed will pay less in the next three years

A few days ago, the Congress of Deputies approved the controversial reform of the self-employed quota system. With a total of 260 votes in favor and 25 abstentions, the proposal was also refounded by the main self-employed associations. Thus, Royal Decree-Law 13/2022, of July 26, establishes a new contribution system for self-employed or self-employed workers and improves protection for cessation of activity that reforms the Special Regime for these workers.

Despite protests from the sector, the majority association of freelancers, ATA, celebrates the approval of this measure.

The reform will entail substantial changes, but «From ATA we want to send a message of calm and confidence to the self-employed. 62% of the self-employed, six out of every 10 self-employed, you will pay in the next three years less than what you are currently paying. 18-20% will pay the same and approximately another 20% will pay a little more, although much less than what was proposed at the beginning of the negotiations, practically half or even a third of that beginning.

It is a system that improves the benefits of the self-employed, a system in which the self-employed who have a net income below €20,400 will pay less or in any case will pay the same as now”, added the president of ATA, Lorenzo Amor. declared net income of the self-employed does not reach 16,000 euros and this reform has established the limit to pay more at €20,400 per year for individuals and practically €27,000/year for self-employed companies.

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That is why this systemit is good that it has had the majority support of the chamber, which has now decided to process it as a bill”, has valued Love. “We have done our job, it was an indication from the Congress of Deputies that we reach an agreement with the Government. We have complied with the mandate that urged us social agents and the Government to seek an agreement to implement a quotation system according to the real income of the self-employed and that is what we have done. We have fulfilled the commitment and now it is your honor who must process it as a Bill”Love has concluded.

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