7 Best Hobbies for Men Over 18 in 2022

The lives of many modern people often revolve around home and work/education. That’s not a good approach. While you may feel like you fully self-actualize in these two environments, you still may lack a place of your own. We’re not talking about a physical location, of course, but rather a state of mind and environment you build around yourself to be who you really are. A hobby can be such a place where you can create, grow mindfulness, relax, and express yourself.

Once you’re here, you haven’t picked your hobby yet. But that’s OK if you don’t know what you want to be doing. We’re here to help you decide or, at least, give rise to some thoughts. So, here are some hobby ideas for men.


There’s nothing more manly than managing weapons, especially firearms. If you have no experience with firearms, the idea of buying, owning, and shooting a long gun or a handgun may seem intimidating. But it’s only an outsider’s perspective. Once you start educating yourself, many fears disappear, and shooting comes off as a usual hobby, like sewing or taking photos. 

Within the framework of the topic, we need to mention age restrictions. Basically, there are federal and state regulations. Under the Gun Control Act of 1968, long guns, which include rifles and shotguns, can be sold by licensed individuals to people 18 years old, while handguns (pistols and revolvers) can be sold to 21-year-old ladies and gentlemen. However, states implement their own restrictions. Gun-friendly states like Texas, Alaska, Arizona, etc. have quite relaxed regulations, while other states, like New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and more have regulations stricter than federal ones.

In general, firearms open a whole world of activities. Learning about calibers, ballistics, gun cycling, accessories, maintenance, and other related stuff may seem dull. However, when you feel like guns are becoming your passion, learning will be delightful.

You can start with a 22 rifle chambered for the .22 Long Rifle cartridge. .22 LR is the most affordable, widely available ammunition, while a .22 LR rifle is considered the lightest-recoiling firearm. Thanks to mild recoil, you’re less likely to develop flinching.

After you’ve mastered the basic level of shooting firearms, you can move to long-range shooting, for example, with a 6.5 Creedmoor bolt-action rifle. Or you can choose an AR-15 rifle and develop your action shooting skills. You can also engage in handgun precision shooting competitions or try shotgun disciplines such as trap or skeet.


If plinking and competition shooting don’t inspire you, but you still like the idea of managing weapons, consider hunting. It’s an old-school hobby, but it’s still relevant today. Besides, with modern devices, feature-rich clothing, numerous hunting tools, and tons of valuable information on the internet, the learning curve for hunting is short as never before.

While target shooting primarily revolves around guns per se, hunting also requires deep knowledge of animal behavior. To be a successful hunter, you need to know how to find animals and birds you plan to harvest, how to attract them to your range, how to get closer to them unnoticed, what ammo and weapons kill most effectively and humanely, and so on. Also, being close to the wildlife is exciting in itself.

The rifle is considered the best for beginners due to being a longer-range weapon. However, bowhunting is also very popular. Generally, archery hunting is more challenging due to more specific arrow ballistics or shorter range. But a bow or a crossbow gives an animal a fair chance of survival. Shotguns are valued for their ammo versatility.


No list of fun hobbies for men can be without fishing. Don’t be hasty to discard it only because it’s a stereotypical men’s hobby. Fishing can be exciting and adrenalinic. As with hunting, this activity will also suit men who seek ways to combine wildlife observation and sport.

The waters of the US are home to many fish species, from panfish and crappies to blue catfish and trout to prehistoric alligator gar, not to mention giants inhabiting the waters near the West and the East Coasts. If you want to engage in some fishing competitions, try ones related to bass fishing. Bass (largemouth bass in particular) is the most popular game fish in the US and the most common tournament species because it’s widely available and can be caught with an array of lures and techniques.

If you want to try something extraordinary and don’t intend to pursue the biggest and the fattest, consider fly fishing. It’s a whole different style of harvesting aquatic creatures that involves equipment and angling techniques different from common fishing.


If you want to explore the most beautiful corners of the world, you should try backpacking. First of all, how does it differ from hiking? Hiking is more of a one-day trip, while backpacking usually extends to several days and involves camping.

The beauty of backpacking is its flexibility. You can set a goal to cover a long distance in a short time or prioritize the number of days spent in the wilderness. You can combine backpacking with other outdoor activities like camping and birdwatching. Want to test your survival skills? Try mixing backpacking and wilderness survival and travel with minimal gear.


Don’t like the idea of riding on a shank’s mare? Consider cycling. It’s a great men’s hobby that doesn’t require much gear and preparation. An athletic physical form isn’t necessary as well. Generally, the only basic thing you need is a reliable bike appropriate for the chosen cycling style.

If you don’t have a bike yet, consider what kind of biking you want to do and then choose a bike. A road bike will be perfect for those who plan to ride the city pavements or smooth roads out in the country, do touring trips, or engage in long-distance rides. For off-roading, you need a mountain bike. But not just any mountain bike – there are several types of them.

A trail bike is the most versatile option, a jack of all trades. For extreme off-road bicycling, you need something more specialized. As such, cross-country bikes are designed for effortless climbing and pedaling efficiency, while enduro bikes are optimized for downhill riding.

Rock Climbing

The rise of climbing gyms has contributed to the popularity of climbing sports. Rock climbing requires serious physical preparation and, generally, isn’t a beginner-friendly activity. However, once you master climbing techniques and condition your body in the gym, switching to actual rock climbing in the wild will be easier or safer.

It’s worth mentioning that if you are merely searching for a way to achieve an athletic-looking body, rock climbing may not be your thing. This sport requires dedication and constant hard work. However, your investments will be outweighed by breathtaking views and the satisfying feeling of accomplishment.


If you don’t like the idea of spending much time outside, woodworking is one of the coolest indoor hobbies for men. Besides, you can create practical things that can actually be applied in the household.

Woodworking is a generic term for all activities that involve wood processing. However, you can choose one discipline and evolve in it. For example, you can make furniture – cabinets, tables, chairs, and so on. Besides joinery and basic woodworking, you’ll also learn about finishing, paints, varnishes, etc. If your heart yearns for something more creative, consider wood carving. Wood carving is also cheaper since it doesn’t require all the equipment and power tools used in furniture-making.

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