7 buttons, PixArt sensor and from € 9.90: this is the Krom Kalax and Kick

Having a gaming mouse is essential today if you are fond of most PC games, whether they are collaborative or competitive, a good response time, good precision in movements and especially having all possible actions at hand . And it is that historically PC games have always been based on more complex control schemes than on console and hence the need for specialized devices.

The Spanish manufacturer of peripherals Krom, based in Malaga, brings us two gaming mice that stand out for their excellent relationship between performance, price and the technology integrated in one of them, since in the case of the Krom Kick it incorporates one of the best optical sensors that are available in the market. In the case of the Krom Kalax we are faced with a mouse where its very low cost for the user does not make it short on performance when playing with it.

Let’s see how these two game pointers appear to us, how they differ and what are the benefits of each of them. Will they end up keeping your gaming PC company?

Krom Kick, gaming mouse with PixArt 3327 sensor

Sensor PixArt 3317
Speed ​​/ Acceleration 800, 1600, 2400, 3200, 4800, 6200.
Buttons 7
illumination RGB Programmable
Memory No
Cable 1.5 m
Dimensions 137 x 70 x 44 mm
Weight 150 g
Price € 24.9

The first of this pair of Krom gaming mice is the one that has been baptized as Kick, which has dimensions of 137 x 70 x 44 mm and a weight of 150 grams. Regarding its number of buttons, we are facing a mouse that is ideal for genres such as MOBAs and MMOs where the actions of the character are important and it is best to have access to them as quickly as possible and from there the 7 buttons that are incorporated. Of course, a mouse would not be gaming without the classic RGB lighting via the integrated LED light, which can be configured using the accompanying software, so that you can have the lighting of your setup and that of your mouse in accordance with each other.

Although everything we have specified is typical of a generic gaming mouse and what we care about is the performance of the Krom Kick. This is where your optical sensor, since it must be taken into account that the PixArt 3327 It comes from one of the most prestigious brands in the gaming mouse sector and manufacturers as important as CORSAIR and Logitech trust them. And how are your benefits? Excellent, since it gives the Krom Kick up to six levels of precision, which measured in DPI are: 800, 1600, 2400, 3200, 4800, 6200 and acquires the ability to reach 12000 via software. This makes it an excellent mouse for fast action games such as First Person Shooters.

In the event that we want to change the level of precision, it is not necessary to use external software, it is as simple as pressing the two buttons to increase or decrease the precision. These are at the top of the Krom Kick, specifically under the classic scroll wheel that also acts as a central button.

Regarding its compatibility, it is a mouse intended for Windows being compatible with the versions 7, 8.1 and 10 Microsoft’s operating system. And if we already talk about its connectivity, it is based on a USB connection, where the head of the mouse connector is gold plated and uses a 1.5 meter long cable.

And when will it go on sale and at what price? The Krom Kick will be available at the end of September 2021 at a recommended retail price of € 24.90 and you can buy it if you are interested in it on the manufacturer’s own website.

Krom Kalax, extremely cheap and good for its price

Krom Kalax Gaming Mouse

Sensor Optical
Speed ​​/ Acceleration 800, 1600, 2400, 3200,
Buttons 7
illumination RGB, 7 preset
Memory No
Cable 1.5 m
Dimensions 125 x 68 x 38 mm
Weight 90 g
Price 9.9 €

The other Krom gaming mouse that we are going to discuss is the Kalax, it is an ergonomically designed gaming pointer coated in black rubber and with a texture that makes it easy to grip to the touch, especially on the sides. Its dimensions are 125 x 68 x 38 mm and its weight of 90 grams so we are facing a lighter mouse than the Kick, although it equals the number of integrated buttons, since it also has 7 of them, which also makes it ideal for faster access to actions in your favorite games and not get confused with the keyboard.

Its optical sensor however is not as good as that of its brother, since the people of Krom have integrated a standard optical sensor with 4 different accuracies measured in DPI: 800, 1200, 2400 and 3200. These can be selected through the two buttons placed below the three main ones. Unlike the Krom Kick, the Kalax does not have increased precision through software. The mouse does not have programmable RGB lighting that allows multiple colors, but it does has an LED light around it, which gives us 7 preset lighting modes. This can be assigned through the button below the DPI selection.

Regarding its connectivity and compatibility, the Krom Kalax is the same as that of the Kick: we can use it in Windows from version 7 to 10, a USB cable with a gold-plated head and a 1.5 meter long cable. To finish with this gaming mouse we have to highlight its low recommended sale price, since this is only for € 9.90So if you don’t have a good budget but need a multi-button gaming mouse with an acceptable optical sensor, then the Krom Kalax is a good option. Its release date? End of September 2021.

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