7 games you can beat in a weekend

Many times, when we think of a video game, great productions come to mind to which we must dedicate tens of hours, or more, to be able to just read the story. And that’s without taking into account the collectibles, achievements or side missions. Unfortunately, however, we often don’t have as much free time to ourselves as we’d like, as we often have other hobbies and obligations to attend to as well.

For this reason, today we want to leave you 7 very cheap game recommendations, with a score of 75 or more, which we can complete in just one weekend, perfect for all of us who don’t have plenty of time to carry out our hobby. We can download all these games from Steam, so if we like to have our library unified on a single platform we won’t have any problems.

Sky blue

  • Undertale. Do you choose good or evil? A complicated decision, taking into account that what we choose will affect the rest of our adventure. A quick game (not easy) that we can complete in around 6 hours and that will not leave us indifferent. Currently we can buy it at Eneba at a discount, and at GOG for less than 10 euros.
  • Little Nightmares. This title puts us in the shoes of a young woman named “Six”, who is kidnapped and forced to work in an underwater complex. One day she finds the opportunity to be free from her, and our job is to accompany her, for about three or four hours, on her complex and treacherous journey to freedom. At Eneba we have the Complete Edition for less than 5 euros, while at Fanatical we can buy 1, 2 and the expansions with up to a 78% discount.
  • To the Moon. A story that, without a doubt, will make you cry. It tells the story of two doctors who travel through the memories of an old man in his last moments of life with the intention of finding out, and making his last wish come true. A deep story that we can easily complete in 4 hours. In Eneba we have it for about 4.5 euros, while in GOG we have it for 7.99 euros.
  • Sky blue. One of the most critically acclaimed modern platform games. In it we play a girl who must climb to the top of Celeste in order to face and overcome her internal struggles. It’s not just another game, but it can even help us put our heads in order. We can complete it, if we don’t get too bogged down, in about 7 hours. We can buy it in Eneba for less than 7 euros.
  • Inside. Successor to the acclaimed LIMBO from 2010. In it, players take on the role of a boy forced to go through a harsh and dangerous dystopia. It is a dark and very adult game that we can complete without much trouble in about three or four hours. We have this game in Eneba for just over 6 euros, while in Fanatical, on offer, we can get it for less than 5.
  • Unravel. If we are leveraged every time with our partner, this is one of the best games we can play. With him we put ourselves in the role of a small wool doll which must undertake a dangerous journey in search of souvenirs. We must go solving puzzles watching that we do not run out of thread, or what is the same, life. We can complete it in about 6 hours. This game is only on sale for EA, and we can buy 1 for 8 euros, and 2 for 6.5 euros at Eneba.
  • Overcooked. Another excellent game to play as a couple. This title is funnier and more arcade than the previous one, and in it we play one or two chefs who must prepare all kinds of dishes and serve them in the restaurant. The main story, both 1 and 2, can be completed in about 7 hours. But, if we like it, we can extend it for more hours with its DLC. We can buy them from 2 euros at Fanatical, or the All You Can Eat edition, with 1 remastered in 4K, 2 and all DLC, at Eneba.


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