7 iconic Harry Potter locations to visit

If you have seen the Harry Potter moviesYou have surely enjoyed the natural settings, impressive buildings, and all the spaces that make up that magical world. We have already grown up, but … what was true and what was the stage? Did Hogwarts exist as such, or did they create most of its nooks specifically for the movie? Although some landmarks were created expressly to shoot the movie scenes, most of the sites are iconic places in England and Scotland. Since we do not want you to remain in doubt, there is one list of locations –Real and filming studios– that will even encourage you to recall the adventures of the young magician with a good marathon of movies:

Leadenhall Market, London

Leadenhall Market

In this covered market free entry filmed scenes of Harry potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Specifically, it is the scene where Hagrid first takes Harry to the Diagon Alley. By the way, the Leaky Cauldron is actually an optician.

Kings Cross Station, London

Kings Cross Station

Although we are sorry, the Hogwarts Express does not leave from platform 9 ¾ in Atocha, but from this central station in the capital of England. It has a wall where you can pose with your trunk cart, as long as you are able to wait an hour in line.

Harry Potter Studio Tour, Leavesden

Harry Potter Studio Tour Leavesden

If you want to know the filming sets where the Big dining room, the Forbidden Forest or the Diagon AlleyIt is essential to come to this studio in North London. After serving as a space to film the movies, they decided to turn it into attraction and invite the Potterheads to discover how they were created.

Divinity School, University of Oxford

Divinity School Oxford

We have seen few infirmaries as beautiful as Hogwarts, and is that recovering from the attack of a werewolf is made more enjoyable with these roofs.

This building dates from the year 1427, and is part of the oxford campus. It can be visited on free tours.

Bodley Tower Staircase, Christ Church College

Bodley Tower Staircase

This iconic stairs he saw Harry Potter and the other boys and girls of his fifth year take their first steps at Hogwarts. And it is that we cannot climb its steps without imagining with apprehension that Professor McGonagall will be upstairs waiting to reprimand us.

Goathland Train Station, Yorkshire

Goathland Train Station

This picturesque train station appears twice in Harry potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Is where for him Hogwarts express arriving at the day of Hogsmeade, the small town near the school. Although the castle that was seen in the distance was created by CGI, it is still worth a visit. Who knows, maybe Hagrid will show up to pick you up.

The ‘Seven Sisters’, East-Sussex

harry potter cliffs

For lovers of nature and excursions, one of the most beautiful places to visit will be the seven sisters. It is a set of cliffs of chalk off the coast of England. Being a space protected from pollution, it maintains its chalk white color that contrasts with the green of the vegetation and the greyish blue of the sea and sky.

It’s here where the Weasleys camp with Hermione and Harry to go see the Quidditch World Cup in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. And you can tell that it was the Quidditch final and not football, because it would be very difficult to play a game with those slopes.

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