7 IKEA accessories to shape a space for creatives

A space to create

Inside the home we all have different spaces and each one of them has a specific function. Hence, in them we try to place those furniture and accessories that help to enhance the use that we want to give it.

For example, if it is a reading and relaxation area, it is normal that there is a sofa or armchair where it is comfortable to sit, that the lighting is pleasant and relaxed, that you even have a green touch with a plant that also helps you with an organic touch. improve the sensations when you are in it.

Well, at the time of create a space for creative purposes also to look for everything that allows you to add and improve the time you are in it doing whatever activity. Because if for a gaming environment the lighting and certain extra accessories can make a difference both in the sensation of immersion and in performance, when you want to create it is important that everything you have around you adds up and not the opposite.

For all this, at IKEA you can find different accessories that can help you improve your creative space. Some of them may not even have thought before that you could use it to organize and make more functional that corner of the house where you spend so many hours every day.

Skadis, IKEA’s most functional accessory

We have already spoken on more than one occasion about the Skadis panels. These are complemented by a series of extra accessories that allow you to have everything from elastic cords to hooks, containers, clips or mini shelves.

Thanks to its perforated system you can place them in different positions until you find the scheme that best suits your needs. Thus, by combining several boards you can have a front as functional as you want. Ideal for those who need to control different types of office supplies.

Kuggis, the most organized boxes with lids

Using boxes to organize different types of materials, objects, etc., is the most common. Of course, not all boxes are equally comfortable and functional, especially when you are looking to stack them one on top of the other and want to be able to access them quickly.

The Kuggis boxes from IKEA are interesting because they are available in different sizes and, in addition, because there are accessories such as a kind of tray with eight compartments that can be placed inside the larger box or separately in a drawer.

In this way, these boxes allow you to organize very well all kinds of objects or materials that you need for your creative work.


A typical accessory of many kitchens that you can see in the IKEA exhibition are the bars or rails to which you can attach hooks or containers. For example, the Sunnersta series. This system seeks to make the countertop more clear and the kitchen utensils more organized and even by hand.

Well, that same system is common to take to a creative workspace. Because each of the containers can be placed from different types of pencils to other tools such as scissors, cutters, etc. What’s more, with the hooks you can also hang different types of objects that for your creative work with recurring use.


This is one of the new products this season and it is workspaces with some amplitude can be very useful. What’s more, even in the smallest ones it could also be practical since it has wheels and you can move it to the place where it is least disturbing.

Elloven is a note board with wheels that is composed of two parts. On one of them you find a white board to paint with markers that can be erased with just a cloth. And on the other a Grus color padding where you can nail notes or any other document, photograph, etc.


This is really a spice rack that IKEA thought for the kitchen, but the truth is that due to price, materials and design it is very attractive for more creative spaces such as a small room or a small work studio.

In it you can place from books to magazines or different materials that you use regularly. What’s more, on its front bar you could even hook some containers like the ones from the Sunnersta range that we mentioned before.

Romma and Signum

This little Romma box which is used to organize cables can also be an ideal complement to your creative space. Because it helps you avoid those with the lucky cables and because at the top you can take out the end to which you connect your mobile, tablet or even camera so that it charges and is always ready when you need it.

If they are generously sized power adapters and you want to organize them too because they won’t fit in this box, check out the Signum strip which sits just below the desktop.


To end, Tertial is a very useful flexo for a multitude of uses. You can use it in different spaces, but due to its flexibility it is clear that it is a lighting solution for workspaces, especially the most creative ones where you need to have light quickly where you get to work and in the right direction.

IKEA and creative users

Like a creative mixing different materials to shape his work, IKEA is something similar. The amount of furniture and accessories they have can be combined with each other and taken out of the spaces for which they were initially designed with the idea of ​​taking advantage of it in different ways.

This is where the IKEA Hacks that we like so much the whole world of decoration, order, productivity and creativity attracts us. And remember that you can combine it with proposals such as IKEA Symfonisk speakers and IKEA Tradfri smart bulbs, which are compatible with the Philips Hue Bridge.

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