7 Kodi Add-ons You Didn’t Know You Needed


Has some 100 channels of quality content in English, but it is only available for UK. Why do we include it in the list? Because breaking the limits and being able to watch their series and movies on your TV is very simple. You just have to install a vpn (for a fee, the free ones won’t help you too much) and set the United Kingdom as a connection point. If you manage with the language of Shakespeare, you will have succeeded.

You can install it from The Fusion Repo.


MovieZoot is a legal way to watch thousands of royalty free movies authored or created by their own community. As you can imagine, the quality of the content is very varied. However, MovieZoot is the perfect app to find movies indie. If you have several hipster friends with horn-rimmed glasses and they spend the day talking about weird movies, install MovieZoot and you will start speaking the same language as them.

In addition, they are also in MovieZoot Classic movies that are no longer covered by copyright.


What does this YouTube app have that the normal Android TV app or the one that comes by default in my operating system does not have? Easy, it’s an app no API. This means that it has no ads. If you usually watch long videos and it annoys you that they interrupt you every five minutes with several commercial breaks, this add-on will do the trick for you.

TV Land

tv land.jpg

It is a channel that broadcasts both by cable and by satellite. It is owned by Viacom in the United States.

It offers only TV series, both new and classic. To access the content of this add-on, you will also need to use a VPN.

The Cooking Channel

cooking channel.jpg

Would you like to cook better? The Cooking Channel has a wealth of experience teaching generations the noble art of cooking. If you live outside the United States, you will need to access through vpn. But it is very worth it. The Cooking Channel has hours and hours of quality content for you to learn to be a real chef.


FilmRise is actually a YouTube channel that is dedicated to Distribute films legally prior to acquisition of rights. Its add-on for Kodi allows you to access this content quickly and easily from your television.


Legal, free, easy and without having to use a VPN. Tubi TV has more than 20,000 different programs. It is financed with advertising, exactly like the television of a lifetime. Depending on your geographical availability, Tubi TV will show you some content or others.

If you want to install this add-on, you have it in the repository BG Addons Repository.

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