7 LEGO sets you might not know existed

Then you just have to start the engine and start playing the keys to make it sound. Through the LEGO Powered Up app you can play the notes yourself or activate the automatic interpretation mode to enjoy listening to music through your new mini piano. This LEGO model, featuring the identification number 21,323, has a cost of 349.99 euros.


On the other hand, for lovers of vintage touches, LEGO has developed this recreation of a typewriter, which is identified with the code 21.327.

Inspired by the typewriter used by Ole Kirk Kristiansen, the founder of The LEGO Group, this is a model that moves and sounds like the old machines used in offices. This LEGO set consists of a total of 2,079 pieces and is priced at 199.99 euros.

Land Rover Defender

If you have a car Land Rover Defender you’ll want to own this fully functional, scale model developed by LEGO. With a total of 2,573 pieces, you can have in your own living room a recreation of this popular car in which you will observe in detail elements such as all the details of the interior of the vehicle with the gearbox, 2 levers to activate the transmission ratios, rear seats that fold up front and give access to the gearbox, etc.

In addition, when lifting the hood, we can also see a 6-cylinder in-line engine with moving pistons. It also incorporates the upper boot, the damping system or the front hook that are fully functional.

This model, identified with the Article code 42110, it has a price of 179.99 euros. If you want to know more about her, we recommend that you take a look at the video we made about her on our YouTube channel.

Bird from paradise

There is a not too well known collection of this manufacturer called LEGO Botanical. A set of models that both adults and children (although it is more recommended for the former) can enjoy developing recreations of plants to decorate the room with LEGO pieces.

Specifically, within this collection, we wanted to refer to its most distinctive element, which is this plant. Bird from paradise, classified with the code 10.289. It is one of the most striking plants in the world to which this manufacturer wanted to develop a tribute with 1173 pieces in total. A beautiful piece for any corner of the house, which is priced at 109.99 euros. It may be a bit expensive for a flower model, but think of it as a plant that will never wither.

Fender Stratocaster Guitar

And, for nature lovers, we return to the world of music with this recreation of the well-known Fender Stratocaster guitar. A piece created by Tom├ís Letenay, who was the winner of the LEGO Ideas ‘Music to our ears’.

The model, identified by the code 21.329, is made up of a total of 1,074 pieces of LEGO and in it we can find details such as the picks, the base to support the instrument and the amplifier with its own pedal. This LEGO Fender Stratocaster is priced somewhat lower than the original guitar, reaching around 99.99 euros.

NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander

For fans of space travel, LEGO also has several models that will be irresistible, such as this recreation of the Apollo 11 when he got to the moon. This mockup arrives on identifier 10,266.

A recreation of the moment when humans first stepped on the Moon, developed in a total of 1,087 pieces, which this manufacturer launched in collaboration with NASA for the 50th anniversary of this historic event. In great detail we can see this ship, in addition to having the two astronauts who carry the US flag. The price of this model is 99.99 euros.

Dinosaur Fossils

The truth is that the pieces developed by this manufacturer never cease to amaze us. The clear example are these models of the skeletons of Dinosaur Fossils that come from his LEGO Ideas section. We can locate it in the catalog by code 21.320 and, if we want to take it home, we will have to pay 59.99 euros.

With a total of 910 pieces, we will have the skeletons of three dinosaurs. Specifically, they are a Tyrannosaurus rex, a Triceratops and a Pterosaur. They are skeletons at 1:32 scale with great detail and, in addition, each one of them arrives with its own exhibition base with the scientific name included. And, if you want to regulate the position of these dinosaurs, you can adjust it to whatever you want to your own liking. Without a doubt, a true gem for lovers of these beings that lived millions of years ago.

These are some of the most curious models that LEGO has in its catalog and that, probably, you did not know. Do you have any other in mind that you want to share with us? Leave it in a comment so that we can all enjoy those curious pieces made with LEGO bricks.

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