7 movies that make you think and are masterpieces

On important topics

We start the list with what is probably my favorite.

Forget about me (2004)

One of my personal favorites, everything written by Charlie Kaufman will blow your mind for good, and it will leave you wondering. In Forget about me He tells us about the life of Joel, who discovers that his girlfriend, Clementine, has made them erase the memories of the relationship he had with her.

Desperate, he has hers erased from her as well. However, fate, love and chance (or not so much) will make the story go where you do not expect.

A very intelligent reflection on love, couple, destiny and many more things.

It’s so good that you even forget that the main character is played by Jim Carrey, that’s an achievement. Special mention to Carrey also in the Truman show, another of those movies that leave you with your brain going for a long time.

Life sentence (1994)

The top rated movie on IMDb has reason to be. It is not only an excellent film based on an atypical story by Stephen King, it is also a very successful deliberation about friendship, the society in which we live, loneliness and, above all the hope.

“Hope is a good thing, maybe the best thing of all, and nothing good ever dies,” says the film.

Of which leave a residue that accompanies you for days and days.

Fight club

Based on the great book by Chuck Palahniuk, Fight club is a reflection on how modern life alienates us and locks us in an imaginary but powerful prison. The current masculinity, the nonsense of everyday life, loneliness … The issues that it leaves you thinking about are many.

My favorite part, curiously, is one that often goes unnoticed.

In it, Brad Pitt’s character points his gun at a kid trapped in a dead-end job in a grocery store. When he is going to pull the trigger and execute him, he tells him that, either he leaves there and dedicates himself to what he always wanted, or he will come back and put that bullet in his head.

Requiem for a Dream (2000)

Not suitable for sensitive, Requiem for a Dream is a hard and realistic story about addiction. Without half measures, he presents himself to us as the monster that he is, capable of changing people in an instant and taking them to limits that they did not believe. And all to get another dose.

Intense as few, it will leave a residue that will last much.

As a curious detail, Lux Aeterna, one of the songs on its soundtrack, has been used to exhaustion in a multitude of trailers and commercials.

On hot topics

Undoubtedly, many films have dealt with themes that reflect the most important of today. These are some of the best.

Ex Machina (2015)

This sci-fi movie unexpectedly became a cult work. I admit that, personally, I do not see much interest in it, probably because it is a subject that has been covered many times in science fiction. It is also true that its director, Alex Garland, is not one of my favorites (Extinction It is lousy and we will be in a duel at dawn if you want).

However, it must be recognized that it is of the movies that have left many people thinking.

What it really means to be human or the ethics of artificial intelligence and the creation of life are hot topics today. Therefore, the value of this film is that it makes you meditate on things that, in the not too distant future, will be in the limelight.

Ex machina, to think about the most current issues

That, and the final twist, of course, that makes you think about who was right or what you would have done.

Into the Wild (2007)

Towards wild routes is a film directed by Sean Penn that tells the true story of Christopher McCandless, a model student who abandons his life and all his possessions to live in the wildest wilderness of Alaska.

A powerful reflection on how separate we are from the natural life in which we evolved for thousands of years, as well as reminding us of what we are destroying with pollution and climate change. The most interesting thing is that it is not a plea good-natured, that presents a paradisiacal nature with which to commune, but the cruel and harsh reality.

It makes you want to be McCandless and escape from everything: the subway, the alarm clock, your boss and the bills … Or at least, until the end comes. As the day comes when we finally escape the rat race, we can always listen the great soundtrack composed by Eddie Vedder (singer of Pearl jam).

What the hell are you seeing on

And, of course, we close with some of those films that make you think about what you are watching and if what you believe is real, or the director is going to surprise you where you do not expect.

Memento (2001)

Christopher Nolan’s second film makes you think for good, not like Tenet. It tells the story of Leonard, an insurance researcher with amnesia, who has his entire body tattooed for a reason that we are not going to reveal, just in case you haven’t seen it.

The movie starts in the middle and the plot seems to be unraveling backwards. That makes you all the time wondering what happens or what is going to happen next (or what happened in the past).

One of those that leaves your brain like a knot and one of the most recommended by Nolan.

Bonus: Primer (2004)

We couldn’t finish without giving you this recommendation just in case you haven’t seen it. First is a time travel film that has become a cult phenomenon.

Made in five weeks, with just a $ 7,000 budget, its screenwriter, producer and director is a mathematician and engineer named Shane Carruth. And you can see it. Not only is his portrayal of time travel discovery quite realistic, it will get you thinking.

And a lot, if only because no one is quite sure they understand what is happening or what is really about First. So, if you want a movie that is also a riddle and will break your head, this is, without a doubt, your choice.

There have been many films that make you think about the inkwell. From almost any film from Darren Aronofsky, to the work of Terrence Malick, including, of course, David Lynch. The options are many, but, starting with any of these 7, the gears of your brain will be working for days after seeing them.

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