7 reasons not to move to macOS if you are a Windows user

macOS It is Apple’s operating system, designed exclusively to run on this manufacturer’s equipment. This, a priori, offers many advantages, since it is a closed system optimized to work on certain hardware and with a specific configuration, which provides security and fluidity. In addition, Apple takes care of the appearance of its system to make it beautiful and striking. This makes many users feel attracted to it and decide, in the end, to leave Windows to give it a try. But this is not always a good idea.

If we have been using a system for a long time, it is easy for us to have become used to it, with its pluses and minuses. And switching from one system to another, be it from Windows to macOS, to Linux, and even from macOS to any other system can be a problem.

Don’t be fooled: there are viruses for macOS

One of the reasons why users decide to give this operating system a try is because, in theory, there are no viruses and they don’t need antivirus. And this is far from being true. For macOS, as for any other operating system, there are viruses. It is true that it is more difficult to get infected with them if we only download apps from the App Store, and if we do not run anything downloaded from the Internet, in addition to the fact that the number of threats for macOS is less than that of Windows because, equally, it is a system with much fewer users.

But yes, macOS has viruses. Just like Linux has them too.

Forget about your programs

When we have been using an operating system for a long time, it is very likely that we have gotten used to using certain programs. When changing systems, these programs will most likely not be available because the developers have not decided to release their programs for them. Many will have their corresponding versions for macOS, such as Chrome, Word or Photoshop, but if we leave the standard software, it is very likely that we will no longer have them.

And of course the games

Also, if you like to play on PC, a Mac is not one of the best options. The list of titles available for this operating system is very, very limited. More even than in Linux. Therefore, if we have a good Steam library, we can start forgetting about it. Apart from the fact that Mac computers do not exactly have the best graphics cards.

You will not be able to update your PC

When we buy a normal PC, if after a few years it becomes somewhat limited in power, we can always change some parts: a little RAM memory here, a little SSD there, a new graphics card, a new CPU… in the case of a Mac, we can forget about it.

The possibilities of expanding Apple equipment are very limited, and everything almost translates to the fact that, if the computer goes badly, we have to change it and buy another, and there is no other option. Likewise, the repair options are very limited and we will find ourselves in the same situation again.

Hackintosh is not an option

Some users decide to fall somewhere between these two cases and try to install macOS on a normal PC using what is known as Hackintosh. And this is a mistake. Installing a Hackintosh is a very complicated process, which requires very specific hardware and configuration, and which is going to give us more problems than joy. In addition, the typical Apple performance and fluidity, which is what we are looking for, will not be present here.


If you don’t have iPhone and iPad, it loses meaning

Apple has worked hard to create a unique ecosystem, and this has its strengths and weaknesses. In this way, if we have other devices from the manufacturer, they will work perfectly with macOS. We will be able to connect all the devices to the Mac, and interact with them having a unified experience. But, if we don’t have other devices, or we have, for example, an Android mobile, this experience is already broken.

prepare the pocket

Finally, it should be noted that all Apple products are expensive. Very expensive. From the hardware of buying a new Mac to software or subscription services. It is all very expensive, and that means that, if we have a problem, or have (or want) to change equipment, the investment skyrockets.

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