7 reasons to use a VPN on your Mac

In recent years, due to the different privacy scandals that have surrounded the Facebook platform, many users have started to take privacy seriously, to which it has also contributed to the launch of iOS 14.5 and its function that allows us to block the monitoring of our activity by applications.

However, if you really we value our privacy, the best tool we have at our disposal is to use a VPN, a virtual private network that establishes an end-to-end encrypted connection between our device and the server where the website or service to which we are connected is located.

Using a VPN offers us a series of additional advantages, not only related to security and privacy. If you have been thinking about hiring a VPN for a while, we will show below 7 reasons to use a VPN on your Mac.

7 reasons to use a VPN


Prevent our internet provider from tracking us

But, if we talk about privacy, we can not only talk about the platforms that collect data to target advertising campaigns, but we must also take into account our internet provider (ISP). Our ISP is the gateway to the internet and stores a record of all our activity.

Avoid censorship

In the middle of 2021, we can still meet some countries like China and Russia that have a tight control over the internet, censoring all content that is not suitable for its citizens, preventing it from being accessed from the country unless we use a VPN.

Works with all apps

Many are the applications that require an internet connection, especially if it is a smartphone. When using a VPN on our mobile device, we protect our browsing at all times and the data that circulates between our device and the servers to which the applications connect.

Bypass geographic restrictions


One of the main additional advantages that VPN services offer us is the possibility of jump the geographical limits of the catalogs than the different streaming video platforms, Netflix being one of the ones that offers the greatest differences in its catalog depending on the country where we are located.

Netflix has done its best to prevent other people’s people from accessing the catalog available in the United States (the largest available on the platform), yet very few VPNs are still working, with NordVPN being one of them. In addition, by accessing the Netflix catalog (with a legal account) we can also access the content available at Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO and the BBC plus others.

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Improve connection speed

Many esports players use VPNs to improve both connection speed and latency. In this sense, once again we have to take NordVPN as an example, the VPN most used by professionals (we just have to take a look on Twitch) of electronic sports thanks to the NordLynx protocol.

NordLynx is a new VPN protocol created by this company to improve connection speeds. This secure protocol is an extension of Wireguard and is much more efficient than older ones like OpenVPN and IKEv2. In fact, thanks to NordLynx, the connection speed that NordVPN offers us is twice that of using the old protocols.

If you regularly play esports and you have connection problems with latency, packet loss… And others, with NordVPN you will solve them overnight.

Anonymous downloads from the internet

A young hacker threatens Apple

To curb piracy, some countries have P2P content downloads prohibited related to series and movies. By storing a log of all customer activity by ISPs, they can automatically report it to the authorities.

However, if we use a VPN, the connection is established directly from our computer to the end-to-end encrypted download servers, so our ISP only knows that there is communication but can’t know where it is going, so you cannot store a record of it.

NordVPN makes available to its customers diverse servers for torrenting, so we will not have any problem if we regularly use P2P networks to share content. It has a kill switch for Windows and macOS, a function that cuts our device’s internet access if the encryption stops working due to connection problems to avoid leaking data to our operator.

Company security

With the coronavirus pandemic, many are the companies that have begun to adopt telework partially or totally in some of their employees. If the company has a server with a management program and we want keep all incoming connections safe (from remote workers), the only way to do it with complete security is by using a VPN.

NordVPN offers us military grade encryption and it perfectly covers all the privacy needs that a company needs and a user needs.

Why NordVPN? Why not?

nord vpn offer

NordVPN servers are talking about best VPN service provider currently available worldwide with more than 2,400 servers in the Americas (United States, Argentina, Costa Rica, Mexico, Chile, and Canada), more than 2,100 in Europe, and many more in the Middle East, India, Africa, and the Pacific.

Many of their servers use RAM as storage so they cannot physically save the user’s browsing data in a physical way, which guarantees us that our browsing data is not stored in any registry as it happens with free VPN providers.

Unlike other services, NordVPN works in countries where internet connection is restricted (As is the case in China), it offers us P2P servers optimized for torrenting without bandwidth limits, it allows us to access the Dark Web through Tor, it has servers with dedicated IP and dual IP.


It’s compatible with all devices and operating systems on the market like Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, it has extensions for Chrome and Firefox and we can even use it through Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stik.

Although it may seem that due to the large number of options available to us, NordVPN can come out of our pocket, nothing is further from reality. For very little money per month, if we hire the 2-year plan, we can enjoy all the security that NordVPN offers us and its advantages with a 72% discount, 2.64 euros per month, also getting 3 additional months free.

We also have the option to contract this service for a month for 9.99 euros so that you can see first-hand how NordVPN is the best VPN that we can currently find on the market.

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