7 secrets of the Lord of the Rings saga that will surprise you

«I never got it. I read the book. I read the script. I saw the movie. I still don’t understand… I would have been interested in doing something that I hadn’t fully understood, but not for 18 months».

Do not worry, if you always wanted to know how it would have been, here we leave you a deepfake.

2. Nobody knows what happened to the blue wizards

One of the greatest secrets in the history of The Lord of the rings it will remain a secret forever.

According to the canon of history there are 5 wizards: Saruman the White, Gandalf the Gray, Radagast the Brown, and Alatar and Pallando, the blue wizards.

But no one knows where these last two are, or what became of them. They marched to the Far East of Middle-earth and was never heard from again.

3. Aragorn was a hobbit originally

Seriously, Tolkien’s early drafts show that the initial ideas went through the fact that he was a Hobbit, although without ceasing to be a Ranger.

In fact, in one of the possible discarded stories, also he was a lost relative of Bilbo.

4. Nicholas Cage could have been Aragorn

Not only Connery missed the role of his life, he was also an idol of the El Output staff: the incomparable Nicholas Cage, who turned down the role because of family obligations.

Jason Patric and Russell Crowe were also in the bedroom if Viggo Mortensen had said no.

5. Where are the Ents’ wives?

Nobody knowsSo maybe they’re with the blue wizards.

Because another of the unsolved secrets of the story is that all the wives of the Ents (the legendary great tree-like beings that destroyed Isengard) disappeared without a trace, condemning their husbands to a life of loneliness.

6. The shoot was full of injuries… and in danger of being blown up

Battle of the Black Gate

Every good fan knows that Viggo Mortensen is broke a foot He kicks a helmet and that scene is intact in the movie, so he’s not acting when he screams. But besides that, Sean Astin (Sam) his foot was pierced with a glass, Orlando Bloom (Legolas) broke a rib when he fell off a horse and Gimli double landed on him. And of course, Mortensen repeated with a broken tooth while filming a fight.

But, in addition, the scene of the final battle at the Black Gate was filmed at a New Zealand army firing range … that still had mines.

Mortensen and a couple of actors stepped out of the designated safety zone with their horses and everyone held their breath, given Viggo’s luck on the set.

7. There was to be a continuation of the story, but it was too depressing

And it is that Tolkien began to write history The New Shadow, set a century after the events of The return of the King. However, he barely advanced several pages.

The reason? He himself thought it was too depressing. Apparently, everything revolved around a conspiracy about a secret satanic religion.

They are not the only ones, but some are the most curious. And it is that, as you have seen, The Lord of the rings It has a lot of secrets and nooks and crannies that further enrich the story.

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