7 secrets of the original Star Wars saga that even its fans do not know

1. Return of the Jedi was going to be a lot darker

In the classic trilogy, Return of the Jedi it is, without a doubt, the weakest film. With a more childish argument, because you have to sell stuffed animals from ewokThe truth is, the original plans were very different.

Leia was not Luke’s sister and she became queen after the defeat of the empire, but at the cost of isolating herself from her friends in the Rebellion. Luke leaves to explore the galaxy and his path as Jedi and Han … Han dies.

Other than that, nothing ewoks and nothing from another Death Star. But while shooting The Empire Strikes Back, those plans were scrapped for a version that would satisfy more public and sell more toys.

2. The sound of the TIE-Fighters was made with …

A howling elephant mixed with the sound of a car driving on wet asphalt.

A curious detail about Star Wars to comment on at dinners with friends and let the awkward silence fall, while they continue to think that to see if you can find a job at once.

3. The most epic phrase of the trilogy was improvised

We are not referring to the “I am your father” with which we opened this, but to Han Solo’s response when Leia tells him she loves him. “I know,” replies our favorite rogue, with that gesture that only Harrison Ford can make.

The script said “I love you too”, but Ford has made a career in the cinema based on the appearance that he does not give a damn about everything and that improvised pearl remained in the film.

4. Hardly anyone knew that Darth Vader was Luke’s father

The great revelation was kept secret thanks to Lucas’ zeal and the fact that there was no Internet, nor obsessed like us, who did not stop examining every detail, instead of becoming adults.

The original script said that Vader revealed that he had killed Anakin., father of Luke. Mark Hamill learned the truth just seconds before filming and the rest of the cast found out when they saw him at the movies.

Harrison Ford probably doesn’t know yet, because he hasn’t bothered to see anything. We have no proof, but no doubts either.

5. Filming was a wild party

Carrie Fisher's nail

Especially that of The Empire Strikes Back. The biography of Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia), already gives an account of the enormous amount of drugs that were consumed on set, which caused addiction problems all his life.

But it is that, for example, in the scenes of Cloud City, Ford and she were hungover and without sleep, after a party in London with The Rolling Stones and the Monty Python, where they consumed everything.

Star wars It was a wild party and we can all see “that nail” from Fisher in Return of the Jedi that we have put a little higher. Ford’s face also suggests that the party never stopped.

6. The fear of mistaking Chewbacca for Bigfoot

There was always a rumor floating around Return of the Jedi, that Chewbacca had to walk accompanied by workers in reflective vests through the forests of Crescent City, California, where the scenes of the Endor moon were filmed.

Why? So that they would not confuse it with Bigfoot and they will shoot him. Peter Mayhew himself confirmed on Reddit that the rumor was true.

7. Joda was to be played by a monkey

A cappuccino for more signs, with a cane and a mask. Apparently, the monkey understood acting like the fact of take off the mask all the time and do what you want. So Yoda became a puppet.

As you can see, the story of Star wars It is fascinating, but its secrets are not far behind. And that we have not talked about the actors ewok using their costumes for, ahem, what you imagine, or the fact that the miniaturists hid little Playboy posters in the models …

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