7 special and very geeky Adidas shoes

The Simpsons Adidas Sneakers

One of the most striking models of tennis geeks of this manufacturer was the first model that they dedicated to The Simpson. Although it could be expected that the choice would go through one of the members of this family such as Bart or Homer, it was not like that.

These Adidas shoes were inspired by Krusty the clown on TV that we see in this series. Specifically, they are dedicated to the well-known hamburger of the restaurant chain that bore the name of Krusty Burger.

For its elaboration, the manufacturer started with its well-known ZX 10000, to change the base to beige, mixing it with details in green, pink, red and brown tones. The introductory price of these shoes was 130 euros.

Pokemon Inspired Adidas

How could it be otherwise, a franchise as large as Pokemon It also had to have a place in these geek collections from Adidas.

The first Pokémon models that were released were dedicated to the main characters of the original saga: Pikachu, Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Charmander. These shoes carried each of these monsters stamped in color, accompanied by the same Pokémon but only the silhouette without colors. They also included details in the representative color of each of those characters.

Adidas x Dragon Ball Z

This shoe for lovers of geek culture has been around for a long time. In 2018 Adidas launched a collection of various models dedicated to the successful series of Dragon Ball Z. In it we saw models dedicated to Goku, Freeza or Cell, although without a doubt the most striking are these of Gohan. A totally purple look, with a mesh structure that crossed the laces in the same tone.

The launch price of this model was 140 dollars.

Adidas Star Wars style sneakers

Thanks to the collection of sneakers that Adidas dedicated to Star wars you can say that the force accompanies you everywhere. The basis of this model inspired by a X-wing It is one of the well-known Adidas Ultra Boost, to which details in gray, black, beige and reddish and greenish tones are added. In addition to the heel and sole, the manufacturer incorporated the drawing of the silhouette of this ship to give it greater realism. They hit the market in 2019 for a price of 190 euros. Although, through Amazon we can currently find them for about 173 euros.

Adidas with Marvel stamp

Adidas and Marvel have worked on several occasions to design a lot of clothes in collaboration. Among them there is a great multitude of slippers such as, for example, those dedicated to different members of Marvel.

One of our favorites are these inspired by Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. With a base that imitates cork, the Groot logo in gold that we can see on its heel and the well-known phrase of the same “I AM GROOT” silkscreened on one of its sides. A slippery pass really. Currently you can get them for 70 euros from the official Adidas website.

We also like a lot, although it is quite “simple” those inspired by Hulk of the Avengers. A model where black is predominant, accompanied by green details on the inside that stand out from the edge. It also highlights the name of said character and the logo on his fist in white. This model has a cost of 100 euros through the official website.

Disney’s ‘hairy’ Adidas

Finally, we wanted you to meet one of the most striking models that Adidas has made in collaboration with Disney. It is a shoe inspired by James P. Sullivan of Monsters Inc. These feature the same furry print with purple and blue colors that Sully had on her back. Undoubtedly it is a model that not everyone would dare to wear but, what is clear is that they will not leave anyone indifferent, especially for the 120 euros they cost.

These are some of the most striking and geeky sneakers that Adidas has designed. Do you miss a model that you saw in a shoe account on Instagram? Would you like to see all the geek sneakers from Adidas in one article? Leave it to us for a comment right here below.

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