7 tricks to make Windows work without errors

With the passage of time, computers always start to malfunction. Windows is not exactly characterized by continuing to work like the first day in the long term. Temporary files, caches, programs and processes in memory… all this becomes a drag on our computer which, in the end, only makes users desperate. For this reason, it is very important to carry out regular PC maintenance to mitigate this impact and make our computer work in the best possible way.

There are many ways to maintain your computer. For example, we can free up hard drive space so that it can work better, disable unnecessary processes and services to free up resources in RAM and make it work better, and even update all PC software to improve its performance.

Next, we are going to leave you 7 tricks with which we are going to get our Windows 10 or Windows 11 to work again like the first day.

Update Windows and programs

This is one of the most important points, and one that most users do not carry out. When Microsoft, or a developer, releases an update for a program, it usually fixes all sorts of bugs, both security and operational, as well as generally improving the overall performance of the PC by running better.

So the first trick is always have Windows up to date. Windows updates arrive every month in two parts, the first focused on security, and the second on the general functioning of the PC. In addition, once a year we get a new version of the system, which usually corrects all the problems of the previous version, as well as introduces new features.

Windows Update November 2022

The second trick is keep all programs always up to date. Just like with Windows, program updates often fix bugs and improve the overall functionality of the program.

Thirdly, something that very few do, it is recommended update pc drivers. These are the programs in charge of allowing Windows to use and take advantage of the hardware components. Some drivers arrive as optional updates from Windows Update, while others will have to be found and installed by hand from the developers’ websites.

Control applications and programs

Programs are also one of the elements that weigh down the PC the most. The more we have installed, the more memory and resources they will consume on the PC and the slower Windows will be. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain and control them.

The fourth trick that we recommend is uninstall all programs that we do not use. It’s easy to install a program, use it once (or even not use it), and forget about it. For this reason, once a month we should review the list of installed programs and delete everything that we are not going to need.

Uninstall programs in Windows 11 - 1

Fifth, another trick that we can carry out is remove all unnecessary programs from windows startup. When we install some programs, they are configured to open at the start of Windows, with the consequent consumption of resources. Therefore, we must remove all those that are unnecessary to free up resources and make the PC boot faster.

clean up pc

Sixth, we must also make sure that the PC is clean from all kinds of unnecessary files. Windows has a tool called Storage Sensor, which allows us to analyze the PC in search of junk files and delete everything that is unnecessary and that is only taking up space and hindering the PC’s performance.

storage sensor

Finally, the seventh trick to make Windows work like the first day is make sure you don’t have malware. We must periodically run an antivirus scan so that we can make sure that there are no hidden threats on the PC.

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