70% of his salary on Matrix donated to the fight against cancer

Keanu Reeves has revealed that he has given tens of millions of dollars to an association that fights against cancer.

On December 22, the long-awaited film was released in theaters Matrix Resurrections. A sequel to the saga that began in 1999, it introduces the return of famous actors Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss to the big screen and in their tight-fitting latex suits. While he is still promoting the film to the four corners of the globe, the interpreter of Neo has revealed some information about his life as a philanthropist.

Indeed, the actor does not only amass the money given to him, like many of his colleagues, he donates part of it to charities. He thus reveals that in the 2000s, he would have donated no less than 70% of his salary from the film The Matrix to an association that fights against cancer. It runs into tens of millions of dollars.

According to New York Post, who valued Keanu Reeves’ salary at $ 45million on that debut film, so that would make a donation of nearly $ 31.5 million. A huge sum which must have certainly helped research in this area. We also learn that it is his own foundation, and that he has certainly continued to nourish it for all these years. In 2009, he explained:

“I have a private foundation that has been running for five or six years that helps a few children’s hospitals and cancer research. I don’t like associating my name with it, I let the foundation do what it does “

A sequel-reboot that does not manage to impose itself on the cinema

Keanu Reeves did not specify how much he would give to this association once the film’s proceeds Resurrections will be stopped, but one thing is for sure, they may not live up to the height of the first film. Not long ago, we told you about the fact that the fourth installment was struggling to win at the box office, and that the reviews about it were largely mixed.

As a reminder, the film takes up the issues raised 20 years ago, in a context that does not have much new and that the characters do not explore more than that. If you want to get an opinion on The Matrix Resurrections before going to see it in the cinema, you can always consult our review of the film.

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