70% of Spanish companies want to invest more in cybersecurity

The cybersecurity in SMEs it is still considered a pending subject but, at the same time, more than necessary. Many businesses fail to understand that investment In this matter, it guarantees that the investments destined to the rest of the business areas have greater reliability and effectiveness.

Therefore, increasing cybersecurity budgets guarantees that all projects in which time and resources have been invested can be carried out safely, at the same time that it will prevent the company from suffering attacks. In fact, according to data published by PwC and collected by NUUBB, 69% of companies globally, 70% in Spain, plan to increase their investments in cybersecurity, compared to 55% last year, and 26%, the same percentage in our country, expect this increase to be 10% or even higher.

Hence safety is becoming more important, but, even so, 18% will increase their budget by 5% or less and 15% will not incorporate changes. And, although it is true that after the pandemic the awareness of companies in this matter has increased exponentially and also investment in areas of information protection, trust in cyber processes and budgets currently remains low.

For this reason, at NUUBB they insist that the adoption of cloud systems is a great option for companies that, in addition to complying with and respecting environmental legislation, since it is possible achieve energy savings between 60% and 70% if they migrate applications to the cloud, want fast and agile solutions or do not have a designated place for their infrastructure.

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If our desire is to leave almost zero ecological footprint for the planet, we must question the location of our computer servers. A data center needs cold to stay at 20°C and of course expels heat. That is why two of our data centers are located in the north of France because they benefit from ideal climatic characteristics to allow optimal use of freecooling in our data centers. In fact, a few more degrees would force us to generate a greater number of freecooling days during the year, and as a consequence, a greater impact on our energy consumption. A waste that we must avoid. And it is that technology can be ecological and should be today”, they add from technology.

The formula is not very complicatedif you want greater and better protection, work together with a specialist in the sector, a trusted specialist, close to the nearby Data Center, a few kilometers from your work center, who knows where you have your data and who assures you, although the security is never 100% guaranteed, that your company is protected with the maximum guarantees, as explained by technology.

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