70% of users abandon the cart before completing their online purchase

Electronic commerce has grown in recent months as a result of a pandemic that has forced the user to make more and more life at home. Yes OK shopping online is now a more common practice among users, so is their mistrust when purchasing products via the internet.

According to the Pululart portal, the average global cart abandonment rate is about 70%, although many variables influence this percentage. Buying with more or less distrust will depend on the web, but also on external factors that can alter the user’s sense of security when buying from a specific site.

Abandoning the purchase at the last minute or while it was being made, can give the company clues about web usability or purchase requirements that make its customers change their opinion about a product that, a priori, seemed good to them. “Getting to completely eliminate the abandonment rate is impossible, but there are certain ways to improve the user experience when it comes to shopping online”, Explain sources from Deusto Formación.

Solutions applicable to cart abandonment

Price, shipping costs or the time it takes for a product to arrive are some of the reasons why a buyer may back down at the last minute. To these causes, others are added such as the obligation to register, the absence of the payment option desired by the buyer or an unfavorable return policy. There are other reasons beyond the company and the structure of its website, such as the size of the screen on which the purchase is made: according to the D / A Retail Ecommerce dossier, “Mobile shopping carts are the most likely to be abandoned, with a tipping rate of 85.65%.”

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Among this 70% of users who on average abandon their purchases, a part does so due to a bad experience on the web. The web usability It is something that is in the hands of the company and that can hinder and tire the user. This is confirmed on the Pululart portal: “Ideally, it is a purchase process that consists of between 3 and 5 steps to follow. Many of the online cart abandonments are because users are lost when completing the purchase process or simply get bored “. Today there are techniques to reduce the purchase steps as much as possible and guarantee a good experience.

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