70-year-old woman gives birth to her first child; the father is also an old man and the baby was born perfect

The pregnancy of a woman in India has surprised the whole world, because his 70 years gave birth to her first child after decades of trying and thus became the new mother oldest in the world.

Jivuben Rabari and her husband Maldhari are 70 years old and live in a town called Mora in Gujurat, India; they have been married for 46 years and during this time they had tried to have sons but it was even resorted to in vitro fertilization that they got it.

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The woman resorted to this method, pointing out that some of her relatives had already done it, although the doctors alerted her to the risks involved in a pregnancy at an advanced age, she decided to continue because she was happy to have her first baby.

Baby’s birth

The baby was born last September by Caesarean section and both he and his mother enjoy a perfect health condition as he was monitoring at all times by the doctors who said they were surprised by the pregnancy of Rabari.

The doctor Jivuben Rabari noted that the first thing they did was regulate their menstrual cycle with medications and then enlarged the uterus that had shrunk due to her age. They eventually fertilized her eggs, created a blastocyst, and transferred it to the uterus.

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Two weeks later they conducted a ultrasound To know the result and they noticed the development of the fetus, shortly after they heard the first heartbeat and checked that there were no deformities, so they continued with the pregnancy.

This case in India joins that of Mangayamma who at the age of 73 gave birth to twins in 2019 after undergoing in vitro fertilization treatment, for which she obtained the world record as the oldest mother in the world.


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