75% of users prefer WhatsApp to communicate with companies

The search for new techniques and tools to attract the attention of the market is incessant. The use of chatbots on the Customer Support allows the automation of this channel, thus facilitating communication between the brand and the client, but what are chatbots? Are software applications what simulate voice or text conversations as if it were a person. And it is that, today, 75% of users want to be able to communicate with companies in the same way as with friends, according to the latest WhatsApp Business Platform study.

In this case, through automated questions they solve doubts and queries to the users of a brand. According to data from Venture Beat, more than 50% of users want a company to be available seven days a week, 24 hours a day. With an increasingly demanding market, companies focus their efforts on meeting the unstoppable demand in a timely manner.

Benefits of chatbots

According to Gus, a Spanish company expert in the sector, there are many benefits generated by chatbots, especially for those companies that offer a wide variety of services, since it is complex and expensive deal with queries of customers in a personalized way. Among these benefits are the segmentation of clients, as well as the loyalty and capture of new leads.

In this way, the retention rate increases because it allows to streamline and personalize communication with the client. According to a study conducted by the Salesforce team, 53% of organizations plan to use chatbots in the next two years. The operation of these conversational bots is simple: they work with pre-designed responses that solve common user queries. through keywordsidentify the subject of the consultation and maintain a logical and coherent conversation with the brand’s client.

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This new trend is revolutionizing e-commerce, according to Google Trends, and interest in conversational chatbots has increased fivefold during these last years. It is already a reality that this new customer service channel drives competition towards continuous renewal and adaptation to meet new market demands. For this year alone, it is estimated that 90% of all customer service inquiries will be answered by chatbots.

The use of these channels to provide assistance to consumers is thus established as the preferred option for users. So much so that 62% of them state that they prefer to speak with an automated operator than with a person and, in addition, 80% of those served by chatbots assure that their experience has been satisfactory.

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