7Play reaches the telecommunications market with the support of the Pioneer fund

The new telecommunications operator, 7Play, comes to the market with the vocation of becoming one of the key players in the sector in the next five years. An aggressive growth plan supports the bases of it, which already has 300,000 homes passed with its own fiber optics and aims to reach 1.6 million accesses in two years.

To achieve its goals, 7Play relies on the support of an experienced team and the financial support of the investment manager Pioneer Point Partners. At the helm of the operator is José Carlos Oya, a veteran of the telecommunications sector, who is accompanied by other executives with proven and long experience in the sector, providing the necessary knowledge and wisdom to develop the ambitious growth plan that has been set by the company.

We have a highly competitive offer for our clients and the experience and vision to offer operators who want to integrate into our structure a sustainable future in an increasingly competitive sector”has explained José Carlos Oya, CEO of 7Play.

Fiber Optic Deployments and Inorganic Growth

The 7Play business model is based on the provision of quality servicesboth in urban and rural areas through the development of its own infrastructures, the creation of a varied and competitive product offer, and the integration of local operators that find in 7Play support with which to continue growing.

Despite the high figures for fiber optic penetration (FTTH) in Spain, there are still many areas, especially rural ones, that do not have high-speed internet and one of 7Play’s commitments is the adaptation and construction of new networks to help bridge the digital divide. In fact, according to the European Association of Telecommunications Network Operators (ETNO), Europe needs to invest around 300 billion euros to adapt both mobile and fixed networks to the new digital environments.

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At the same time, 7Play acts as a dynamic instrument for the almost 800 local operators active in Spain, who face an increasingly competitive sector on a daily basis. In fact, in just half a year, 7Play has already incorporated 16 operators located in different geographical areas such as Galicia, Catalonia, Aragon, Castilla-La Mancha, the Valencian Community or Andalusia, among others, boosting its growth.

In addition, 7Play operates nationwide thanks to agreements it has with the main wholesale networks and the almost 750 points of sale distributed throughout Spain.

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