8 Must-See Mods for Elden Ring on PC

As is always the case with a highly successful game, “Elden Ring” has gained several mods that change the player’s experience. This gives an extra life to those who have already explored everything the game has to offer.

However, in some cases, modifications can make the title even more accessible to all players right from the start. Because of this feature, it is interesting to know what files can modify in “Elden Ring”.

Below, learn about the eight best modifications for the From Software game. But before that, it’s worth remembering that to make any of them work, it’s necessary to disable the title’s anti-cheating software. Also, if your computer goes online while using mods, there are chances of getting banned.

The first mod, as the name implies, allows you to pause “Elden Ring” at any time – something that is currently not possible. In addition, it is possible to define a shortcut to do this directly on the keyboard or controller.

The game’s camera, at times, may not be the best, mainly because it tries to center the player’s vision at all times. With this modification, this does not happen. For now, the novelty works only with keyboard and mouse – although the creator claims that he works on a version for control.

If you find the game too difficult, it is possible to add an easy mode that will help the most inexperienced. The mod reduces damage taken while increasing attack power.

On the other hand, those who find the game too easy can make things a little more difficult. In the first playthrough, the mod adds the most difficult features of New Game +. So prepare to die a lot more than you normally would.

Image: Reproduction

Ranni is one of the most interesting characters in “Elden Ring” and therefore a modification transforms the player into the character. Breaking through the game wearing a long white dress and blue hair can be interesting.

Elden Ring

Image: Reproduction

For those who are tired of walking through the scenarios with Torrent, it is possible to replace it with one of the mounts found with the Night Knights.

Elden Ring cat ears

Image: Reproduction

This modification turns the main character into a real warrior of an online RPG. With this, the helmets are replaced by cat ears that can be modified in up to two colors.

Elden Ring Reshade

Image: Reproduction

Finally, this download is for those looking for visual improvements in the game. These are subtle lighting adjustments – but without taking away from the game’s ambiance.

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