8 myths about programmers debunked: the fourth one you have surely heard

Everything related to the world of programming and application development is one of the most interesting software sectors for many. However, there are a number of false myths surrounding it all about the programmers that we should leave behind

Whether on a personal or professional level, more and more people want to enter the interesting world of application development. However, over the years, a series of ideas that we could consider as wrong have spread and surround the world of programming. Next, we are going to talk about some of them and what you should discard from now on.

The truth is that this is a software sector that is growing more and more and has more followers, both personally, professionally or focused on education. With everything and with this there are still many who continue to have certain reservations about it and hesitate when it comes to delving into all of it for those reasons. false rumors.

Dismiss These Claims About Programmers

What’s more, sometimes the programming industry is surrounded by opinions and statements that cause fear among beginners. In these same lines we are going to deny some of these myths.

Programmers must like math: For many, everything related to calculus or geometry is a stumbling block. Contrary to what is said, this knowledge does not affect your skills as a programmer.

AI will soon put developers out of business: everything related to Artificial Intelligence does not stop growing at the moment. There are some platforms that help software developers improve their Projects. But from there to the fact that AI is going to replace humans in this sector, there is a long way.

Programming is only for privileged minds: If you want to become a good programmer from scratch, it will not be an easy task. However, it is like everything, with desire, effort and experience You don’t need to be a genius to become a good professional.

It is essential to have university studies: This is one of the myths that is becoming more and more evident that it is false. In fact, today we have a multitude of online courses, documentation and help to become great programmers even without leaving home.

Study for months before writing code: This is another of the great falsehoods that surround the world of programming. In fact, the sooner we start writing code, obviously in simple projects, the sooner we will start to gain experience.

visual studio codeJust learn a coding language: to be a good programmer, first of all we must learn the different basic structures. These are used in most development projects. Then, we will be able to learn as many programming languages ​​as we want based on that initial knowledge that we should acquire.

Computer science career is worthless: Before we have told you that studying the degree is not an essential requirement to enter the world of programming, and it is true. However, if we decide to carry out these studies, without a doubt they will also be of great help to us to enter the professional world of this sector.

Programming is boring and monotonous: here we find another of the erroneous statements about this sector of the software development. When it comes to coding and programming creativity is more important than we initially thought, so the task is not boring at all. This is something that greatly distinguishes the good programmers from the bad ones.

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