80% of French people use their smartphone while driving, it’s getting worse and worse

According to the latest AXA Prevention barometer dedicated to the behavior of French people on the road, 80% of motorists use their smartphone while driving. This is a clear increase from the figures recorded in 2021.

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AXA, the group specializing in insurance, has just published its latest barometer dedicated to the behavior of French people on the road. This 18th barometer was conducted with 2200 people and highlights a skyrocketing smartphone use while driving. Indeed, nearly 80% of respondents use their smartphone while driving. This is 11 points more than in 2021. According to Axa, this is a historical record. Already in 2019, they were 70% to do so.

Five years ago, the French were only 65% ​​to use their smartphone in the car. Here are the details of the different figures related to the use of smartphones while driving:

  • 52% make calls (+8 pts in one year) compared to 22% 18 years ago
  • 45% set their GPS while driving (+12 pts)
  • 34% read or write SMS (+10 pts)
  • 24% check their notifications (+11 pts) and 8% publish stories on social networks

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It’s not better among cyclists

Faced with the democratization of telework, more and more motorists use their smartphone while driving as part of their profession, whether to send emails (15%) or participate in meetings (6%)! Furthermore, the group is also concerned about the rise of such bad behavior among cyclists.

Indeed, they are now 72% to use their smartphone while pedaling. Worse still, 84% of scooter riders also use their smartphone while riding. Fortunately, this proportion of using their smartphone while driving is less widespread among motorcyclists, with “only” 46%. Nevertheless, this number increased by 8 points compared to 2021.

The use of the telephone while driving is responsible for more and more serious and fatal accidents on French roads. Making a call with or without a hands-free kit multiplies the risk of an accident by three. A number that changes to 23 when reading an SMS. If everyone is looking at their phone, then who is looking at the road? denounces Eric Lemaire, President of the AXA Prevention association.

However, the leader is reassuring and adds that 89% of passengers react when a loved one uses their phone while driving.We all have a role to play in the fight against this terrible scourge which has gradually overtaken that of high blood alcohol levels”. he concludes. As a reminder, using your smartphone while driving is punishable by immediate license suspension in the event of flagrante delicto.

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