80% of Spanish catering companies expect to grow this year

Digitization is presented as an opportunity to meet customer demands and grow by opening new premises in the restaurant sector. This is what emerges from the Digital Enterprise Show (DES) 2022, which ensures that Spanish SMEs are in a digitization process to be completed.

The fourth edition of Restaurant Trends forum led by Restauration Brands shows that restaurant brands closed last year with 7,576 million euros in sales, only 1% less than pre-pandemic levels. And it is that one of the main pillars of this recovery has been the large chains or franchises. Despite Covid-19, The NPD Group declares that the presence of restaurant chains has doubled in 10 years. Its latest yearbook shows growth in turnover and staff in establishments. In this line, eight out of 10 chains expect to grow more than 10% this year 2022.

Although the development of the business seems to be expanding, the technological factor, a great opportunity for the sector, turns out not to be up to the task in the Spanish market. The same report places Spain as a country with a medium level of digitization which should be empowered to innovate and automate processes.

Faced with this digital transformation, the software finds a niche in this field, facilitating a multiplatform system for restaurants, where they can manage the business, simplify operations and automate tasks, as well as avoid administrative and order distribution errors. with its all-in-one software.

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Digitization and growth of restaurant franchises

The Hotel and Restaurant Report 2021 of the consultant Tormo Franquicias highlights that in Spain there are 287 companies diversified in the subsectors of activity, and that these have 10,100 establishments. The trends in the sector are moving towards expansion plans and the digitization of activities. Technologies are increasingly present in restaurant companies, chains and franchises are becoming technological companies both in business management and in the application of these tools in the kitchen.

Areas with greater technological implantation

In this line, NPD reveals the areas with the highest forecast of technological implementation in the chains: attracting customers (68%), improving productivity in operations (47%), administrative processes (42%) and programs of loyalty (42%).

The annual investigation of Restoration Brands together with KPMG and NPD shows that all the companies surveyed plan to open premises this year, even 42% believe that at a higher rate than before the pandemic. Among the most desired is the move to new locations such as shopping centers or areas with a high presence of offices.

Without neglecting the profitability of the business, emphasizes the role of technology in the restaurant business to continue growing in a digitalized environment that provides a physical experience for the consumer and a pleasant and efficient workspace for restaurant masters. , such as being able to exercise total control of their establishments through a single platform. To do this, chains and franchises must analyze the market and the demands of the public to offer them the best possible service.

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