80-year-old pedophile avoids going to prison thanks to Covid-19

In the United Kingdom people are outraged. And it is that Cyril Hardy, an 80-year-old British rapist, convicted of sexual crimes dating back 50 years, managed to evade going to prison because the authorities consider him to be vulnerable to getting Covid-19 due to their age and health condition.

Hardy’s case causes much outrage among the English and world population because in 2017 he was captured after he tried to reunite with who he believed was a 14-year-old girl. His apprehension was thanks to Stacey MacDonald, 29, a member of the pedophile persecution group ‘Parents Standing Together For Our Kids’, posing as a teenager in MeetMe and WhatsApp.

He is a pedophile who had received a conviction

Between October 2017 and November 2017, Hardy told the alleged young woman who wanted her to live with him, marry and have children, the man stayed to see the minor at Victoria station, in Manchester, but was filmed and detained by the police. He assured that he believed that it was a woman of legal age, later he declared himself innocent and his lawyer maintained that: “he is a lonely old man who sought comfort from strangers, and has been in and out of marriages.”

But Hardy was sentenced to 18 months in prison with a suspended sentence of two years, as well as 30 days of rehabilitation activities. You will also have to enroll in the sex offender registry for ten years and have a warrant for ten-year sexual harm prevention.

However, due to the pandemic, he will not serve his sentence for now, but the decision is controversial because the man is vulnerable to Covid-19 because he suffers from ischemic heart disease and is diabetic, he will not immediately go to prison. Previously, the man was convicted of sexual assault and rape, for which he spent seven years in jail.


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