82% of professionals prioritize innovative technologies to carry out their functions

Technology may be the key to find and retain talent in companies. That’s what Zebra Technologies Corporation, an organization dedicated to improving business performance, says.

According to the latest studies, the positions that senior managers of large companies have the most difficulty filling are those called front-line professionals either frontline workers, with 93%, facing the problems they encounter in finding candidates for leadership positions (74%), intermediate positions (82%) or back-office staff (89%). and the situation is very similar in SMEs.

It is, without a doubt, a global problem shared by all types of companies, both large and small, which was already becoming relevant before the pandemic and will continue to be so now if no action is taken. And all businesses know that without the necessary qualified personnel it is not possible to improve production or properly meet customer demands.”, says Amanda Honig, SMB Industry Lead of Zebra Technologies.00

Technology as a solution to retain talent

In the current context, the owner or manager of a company may feel at a disadvantage when it comes to attracting and retaining workers. But an increasing number of studies are beginning to paint a different picture.

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For example, according to Global Warehousing Vision Study carried out by Zebra in early 2022, only 45% of warehouse employees acknowledge having enjoyed a salary increase or bonus due to current work restrictions. However, at the same time, 82% of all of them say that they are experiencing improvements in their working conditions. Y the key is in the technology.

In fact, 61% of professionals who work in SMEs and 64% of those who work in department stores say that their companies are using technology to make their day-to-day work easier, as well as to offer more flexible shifts . For this reason, 82% of these workers say that they are more likely to work for a company that provides them with modern devices to carry out their tasks than one that does not.

And the situation is similar in the retail sector. According to the latest Global Shopper Study, 70% of employees admitted that they have a better perception of their companies when they are provided with the right technology to carry out their work.

This situation notably equalizes the possibilities of large companies and SMEs to find and retain talent. While it is true that the largest companies can offer higher salaries or dedicate more resources to strengthening benefits programs, they all have the same opportunities to offer workers technological tools that allow faster and easier incorporation, more opportunities for promotion and less stressful jobs”, adds Amanda Honig, SMB Industry Lead of Zebra Technologies

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