85% of Spaniards want to be able to choose the router freely

Freedom to choose the router that we want to use to surf the Internet, to play online and to enjoy our favorite multimedia content, that is what 85% of Spaniards wanta fact that has been extracted from a recent survey that has been carried out by the Alliance of Manufacturers of Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (VTKE), and that brings to the fore a problem that has been with us practically since the “takeoff” of the Internet in our country.

The free choice of the router is a recognized right in countries like Italy or Germany, but unfortunately in Spain we do not have that luck. We all know the story. In Spain, when we hire an Internet connection, the operator is the one that provides us with the router that we must use. The brand may vary depending on the operator, since some use routers from brands like AVM, and others use other more or less well-known manufacturers.

Yes, it is true that we can change the router provided by the operator and for another model that we find more interesting, or more in line with our needs, but this is not always easy, since in many cases obstacles arise that affect the installation and configuration processand that can end up completely discouraging the user.

With this in mind, it is easy to understand why in our country only 20% of consumers use their own router to surf the Internet, another figure reflected in the survey of Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Manufacturers (VTKE). It is an interesting fact, but even more interesting is to see that 39% of those surveyed would be willing to pay for their own router if given the choice.

The user should be able to choose which router he wants, and it would not be complicated to give that option

In the same way that we can choose which smartphone we want to use when contracting a mobile rate, which includes telephony and data, it would normally be that we could also choose the router with which we are going to accompany our Internet connection. In this sense, I think it could be a good idea for Internet providers and large router manufacturers to reach an agreement to offer different options to the user:

  • It offers a selected catalog of free routers so that the user can choose the one they prefer.
  • Give, as an alternative, the possibility of choosing between other superior, more complete and attractive models, with a certain sale price and giving the possibility of financing the payment.

I believe that, with these two simple options, it would be very easy for Internet connection service providers to give the user the possibility of choosing the router that best suits their needs, and without this entailing a burden for any of the parties.

To finish, I leave you with another interesting fact that this survey collects, and that is that Spain has the lowest percentage of users with their own router out of the seven that participated in the survey. Following this link you can find more information. In my case, I must admit that I use the device provided by my operator, but for convenience and because it meets my needs. However, I also recognize that I would be willing to change it, And you, what is your situation in this regard?

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