85% of young people end up working in the company where they do internships

The practices perhaps represent the most important source of training for young people, in addition to being a gateway to the labor market. After the pandemic, this course has improved the situation with the return to presence.

This year, students can rejoin fully and deepen their knowledge of the sector, in addition to having a first contact with the workplace in situ, a reality that also allows them to meet other professionals of the same trade who can guide them in the last steps of their training.

“After the difficult 2020 with the pandemic, we can affirm that the return to normality is on the way. This year it is interesting to note that the proportion of internships remotely has already dropped a lot, although some have continued to work remotely », declares Delphine Arnau, head of Career Starter and company relations at TBS in Barcelona.

Typology of companies and professional opportunities

With regard to the success data of the students in practices once they have finished these, also they do not stop improving. In this sense, from TBS in Barcelona they reveal that of the students who have graduated this course, 31% continue studying and 69% go to work / look for a job. Of those who go to work, 36% have already found a job before graduating. And of these who have already found a job, 85% have been recruited / are still in the company of their practice.

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Delphine values ​​that “This last piece of information is especially interesting because it demonstrates the abilities of TBS students when it comes to integrating into the labor market, as well as their excellent employability in the current context”.

Regarding the type of companies in which TBS students in Barcelona can carry out their internships, it should be noted that the range is wide, encompassing different economic sectors and types of companies, although Delphine says that they tend to have these aspects in common : “Regarding the type of company in which the internships are carried out, they are usually SMEs and startups, more than in large companies, and the sales, marketing and finance departments are the most common destinations for students”.

Of the rest of the students, it stands out that 36% find work before finishing their studies and that some of them even bet on creating their own company. “In addition, four third-year Bachelor in Management students have validated their internships in creating their own businesses. In addition to starting their own business adventure, they have been able to benefit from the monitoring and coaching offered by the school in these cases »Delphine ends up revealing.

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