8BitDo has two new controls for the multimedia control of the Xbox

New 8BitDo remote controls for Microsoft consoles

8BitDo, the well-known company responsible for controllers and other accessories for consoles such as Nintendo Switch and PC computers, has launched new multimedia remotes which has been specially designed for Microsoft consoles.

In this way, users of an Xbox Series X, Series S or Xbox One will be able to choose them and use them to control the different applications of streaming platforms available. Like, for example, Netflix, HBO, Disney Plus, etc. (brandxhuaraches) But it will not be the only thing, also with these new remote controls you can control different players.

So, whenever you want play any content or view your 4K Blu-Ray movies On consoles that have a disc player, such as the Xbox Series X or Xbox One, you can use either of these two new controls that will always be more comfortable than the console’s own gamepad.

Regarding the controls, there are two options. On the one hand, there is the new black control that not only offers a larger size because it does, it integrates a numeric keypad that is responsible for its dimensions.

Tboth the white and black control share buttons less the numeric keypad. These are none other than the classics of starting or stopping playback, forward or backward, mute or silence button, also to raise or lower the volume, fast channel change up or down, a crosshair to scroll through the interface, button of selection and some other extra button like the ones that can be found on the Xbox A / B / X / Y controller, the one that includes the Xbox logo and those that give access to the menu.

In summary, both 8BitDo controllers are nothing more than an adaptation of the gamepad where the form factor and the absence of the analog sticks as well as the triggers allow this more classic look of a television control. So if you are one of those who use your console for more than just playing video games, they can be a very good option for those multimedia uses.

Of course more comfortable than having the gamepad in your hands to change. In addition, thanks to the HDMI ARC support, you could also control the volume of the television from the remote itself. Detail to which we have all become accustomed by now, but when it does not happen, much is missing.

Price and availability

The new controls for the multimedia control of Microsoft consoles will hit the market in September and will do so with a fairly adjusted price of only 20 dollars the white model (more compact and without a numeric keypad) and $ 25 the black model with numeric keypad.

Taking into account the price and the improvement in usability that it offers if you use the multimedia functions of the consoles on a regular basis, they can be a more than recommended investment. Although if you do not need them, we do advise you to take a look at the rest of the proposals they offer, because they have very interesting controls that can even be used with other devices to take advantage of services such as xCloud.

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