9 gifts for retro game lovers

The fashion of the small and Mini

As usual, Nintendo was the first to dare to take the step of taking that nostalgia and shaping it with a product that changed everything. We are referring to the NES Mini, a replica of the old 8-bit console that actually had a raspberry board with an emulator inside it, but which served to make it clear that the market was going crazy to recover those old titans of the industry of the 80s and 90s. Thanks to that Nintendo Entertainment System pandora’s box was opened until todaywhen we have practically fresh from the oven another of the wonders of those years: the Amiga 500.

So if you think so, let’s do a little review of 9 retro gifts that you can (or maybe they can) give you to all those friends who are a little low in gamer morale and want to raise it with some of these gadgets. Because the important thing is to play, have no doubt:

Friend Mini 500

With 25 games and the possibility of inserting any other that we want, this new replica brings us the old ways of the best 16 bit computer, with a command inspired by the Amiga CD 32 and a mouse also identical to the original created by Commodore. A unique opportunity to revive one of the most successful systems of the first half of the 90’s.

Taito Egret II Mini

This eponymous replica of the Taito arcade is a small luxury because it comes with some great classics of the house like space invaders or more recent hits like Rastan Saga, new zealand story and, also, the mythical arkanoid, which come with a unique analog control. The screen can be rotated 90º to enjoy the titles vertically and it is possible to play both in the arcade itself and on television.


Portable focused only for retro games, it works thanks to a series of cartridges where the brand enforces the policy of collecting games from a specific company. You will have Namco packs that are extraordinary, but also releases from Atari Lynx, Interplay or Data East, among others. A small wonder that you can get right now.

Evercade VS

Basically we are facing the same system as the normal Evercade only in desktop format. We serve the same retro cartridges and we can enjoy playing against another friend on the same TV and with two controllers. A current console with games from the past. What can go wrong?

Nintendo Game & Watch

The Game & Watch inspired by the first NES Zelda is a little gem that you cannot miss because, in addition to the original NES cartridge, it comes with its second part from 1988 and the Link’s Awakening from GameBoys. That’s not counting the retro Zelda game inspired by one of the most famous Japanese Game & Watch games from the early 1980s. Oh, and you have a model bull like this one with Super Mario Bros.

NeoGeo Mini

I could not miss the one that en its time it was considered the Rolls Royce of consoles. Neo Geo, with a collection of titles that we can enjoy on the screen of this mini arcade or connected to the television thanks to its HDMI port. In addition, it is possible to connect two controls to play a few games of their fighting games… as if we were in the pool halls of the 90s.

Super Nintendo Mini

The brain of the beast had its mini version shortly after the success of the NES Mini (and we’re hoping for a Nintendo 64 Mini). As usual, the selection of games was not bad at all, but important cartridges were missing although the possibility of adding any that we want gives this model more interest. Relive old times!

Astro City Mini

This mini arcade from SEGA is a joy, although getting it is a little more complicated because it has not had, as such, an official marketing in Spain. Even so, if you can buy it, it is a small wonder that will cheer you up on rainy afternoons by reliving those games at columns, Bonanza Bros., Golden Ax, Virtue Fighter, etc. I want one!

Game Gear Micro

This gem is a jibarized version of the mythical portable console from SEGA that came out in Japan and that we are still waiting for in Spain. It is fully functional, practically the size of a keychain, and with special colors where each one keeps different cartridges. So they practically force us to collect them all. Sonic, shining force, columns or the GG shinobi laptop are some of the launches that they keep inside.

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