9 images from the Return to Monkey Island trailer that will make you tear up

Very different, but very familiar

The new graphics aesthetic has completely forgotten the pixelated origins of the saga, a decision that Gilbert has already clarified and that basically seeks something more modern, current, and that attracts new generations. If you wanted something pixelated with Gilbert’s seal, the last thing you’ll be able to find is Thimbleweed Park. However, if we look carefully at the special editions Special Editionwe will see how the graphic aesthetics seems to show a quite natural evolution.

But if you’re worried about not finding that connection to the previous installments of Monkey Island, you’d better change your mind, as the new trailer has dropped the occasional image that will take you back 30 years to the first games. These are some of the scenes that will be very familiar to you when you play the new Monkey Island.

The distinctive island of Melee

monkey island island

Who is not able to recognize such a picture?

The start of the game, on top of the mountain of Melee Island

monkey island top

Our adventure begins by a campfire. Will it happen again?

The interior of the Scumm Bar

Monkey Island Scumm Bar

It could be any bar, but the video shows us a scene of the chef running around the room. It is the Scumm Bar without a doubt.

The three pirates of the Scumm Bar

Return to Monkey Island - Pirates

And inside the bar, of course, there are the pirate leaders.

Use rubber chicken with pulley

monkey chicken

Among the memories that Guybrush raises at the beginning of the trailer, we can see the minimum moment of the rubber chicken.

Cartographer Wally B. Feed

Return to Monkey Island - Cartographer

An endearing character who has accompanied us during many installments of the saga.

The reference when diving

Return to Monkey Island - Diving

This image puts our protagonist back under water. The interesting thing is that it seems to be a 6-minute walk from Isla Melee. Remember that Guybrush is able to last 10 minutes under water!

The Voodoo Lady

Return to Monkey Island - Voodoo

An unforgettable scene in which to order our own Voodoo doll.

The secret cave of Monkey Island

Return to Monkey Island - Monkey Head

What happens if we make a giant cotton swab and clean the monkey’s ear?

As you can see, the game is going to give us great moments with clear references to the original games, so we’ll have to be very careful not to miss any of the winks and hidden jokes that good old Ron Gilbert leaves us.

When does Return of Monkey Island come out?

The new game is coming to PC and Switch at end of this year, although at the moment we do not have the exact launch date, so we will have to continue waiting a little longer. Let’s remember that this new adventure will continue the plot line of the first two Monkey Island, the two games that are considered canons within the franchise and further away from the other adventures that feel more independent (although always within the saga).

Do you want to return to Melee? Great adventures await you young pirate! Well, the young will have to be removed for some…

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