91% discount in March

But still don’t have your legal and up-to-date Windows installation? Now you have no excuse, because you can still buy Windows 10 Pro, Office and other versions of Windows with up to a 91% discount at during the month of March, and in this article we tell you how. Remember that only with genuine Windows will you be able to access security updates, which are so important today to keep your PC safe.

Windows 10 Pro at the best price with the code HZ35

If you click on any of the links that we have given you above, you will see that the price is not the same as what we have written. Don’t worry, that’s because we’ve already calculated how much you’ll actually pay if you use the discount code HZ35which reduces the normal price of this online store by 30% (and, combined, you will pay 91% less than if you bought these licenses on the manufacturer’s website).

windows 10 new page

Using the discount code is very simple: simply add the licenses you want to the shopping cart (which can be for Windows 10 Pro or any other and in any number), click on the cart and in the lower left part write HZ35. When you click on the Apply button, the prices will be updated and now they will match the ones we have set.

Discount licenses

Once this is done, continue with the purchase process as normal (as always we recommend paying using PayPal for its reliability and speed), and in a few minutes you will have your digital licenses both on the customer page of the store and in your email.

How do you activate Windows with these licenses?

Once you have received the licenses, using them is very simple. In Windows 10, click Start and go to Settings (the gear icon). In the window that opens, navigate to Update & Security -> Activation, and in the central part you will see that it is written in blue letters “Change license key”. Click on it and a window will appear in which you can paste (CTRL + V) or write the license you have purchased.

Activate Windows 10

Click on Next and your PC will connect to the Microsoft servers to validate the license. Within seconds, your PC will be activated forever, entitling you not only to receive Windows 10 security updates, but also to upgrade to Windows 11.

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