A 12-year-old boy cannot bear the torture of his classmates for being homosexual; he takes his life

A 12 year old boy he couldn’t take it anymore harassment and torture that your partners from school they did him every day for being homosexual. To end the “pain and torture of the bad children of their school”, the little Elias fritchley decided to kill himself.

Debbey, Eli’s mother, as they called her affectionately, he found the body of his son when he entered his room from his home in Tennessee, USA. Eli had told his parents about the bullying he suffered at school, he said they bullied him; However, the minor’s parents never imagined the seriousness of what happened that caused their son to lose his life. (

According to Eli’s parents, he did not mind being disturbed, or even that was what his parents thought, his mother was quoted as saying by the Daily Star. Eli I wore a shirt every day of the television character SpongeBob, who was in charge of washing every day.

Therefore, his mother considers that this was one of the main reasons why her son suffered from homophobic bullying, “I think probably because he wore the same clothes every day, they used it as a weapon “.

Eli attended high school in Tennessee and was not afraid of being gay, his mother said. He even painted his nails without any kind of shame because both he and his family saw him as normal.

Homophobic attacks were only with words

Eli’s father Steve Fritchley assured that his son’s schoolmates were truly abusive, and stated that they were cruel only with words, because he ruled out that Eli had suffered physical abuse.

School officials said they were shocked and devastated by the dire news from one of their students. They assured that they will work with Eli’s family to improve social and emotional practices within the campus.

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