A 6-year-old autistic girl died of negligence: doctors did not treat her “for being uncooperative”

Coco bradford, a six year old english girl with autism and a half, died due to a sepsis that was not treated in time, as the doctors said that due to her condition, the little it was “uncooperative”; Nevertheless, his parents accuse negligence and lack of interest in the staff to attend to her despite her serious illness.

The little girl arrived with her parents at Treliske Royal Cornwall Hospital, in England, defecating liquid stools with blood, vomit, and not being able to keep fluids down, besides crying for him pain in the stomach; However, the emergency doctors told them that her problem was not serious, to go home because what Coco had was just a gastroenteritis.

Rachel Bradford, the girl’s mother, told Cornwall Live that doctors missed several opportunities to care for her daughter, because despite being ill, jthey also took samples of your stool or blood, nor did they give her serums to rehydrate her despite the terrible diarrhea that presented.

Three days after she was not properly treated at said medical center, the girl was taken to the Bristol Children’s Hospital, also in England, where despite all efforts, Coco died of sepsis, that is, a complication derived from a unbalanced immune system response against an infection, since when reacting, the body damages its own organs, causing even death, according to the Pan American Health Organization (OPS).

A four-year struggle

Coco’s parents detailed to the media that what the little girl really suffered was a strong infection by Escherichia coli 0157, a bacterium from contaminated water or food, which lodges in the large intestine and causes severe bloody diarrhea, abdominal pain and vomiting that, if not treated in time, can cause hemolytic uremic syndrome, putting the life of the patient at risk. patient.

This November 29, Coco’s parents explained all the way they have traveled since the July 31, 2017, when Coco died in the hospital due to a multi-organ failure. Have been four years of demanding justice for his daughter and to show that the Treliske Royal Cornwall Hospital staff were indifferent even though the girl was “dying in front of them”.

For their part, the doctors who “treated” the girl in the emergency room denied any knowledge that he was vomiting or defecating with bloodHowever, a review of the notes revealed that Coco’s symptoms were recorded; It was then that they found that the minor could not be cared for because she was “uncooperative” due to her autism.

In this regard, Rachel Bradford told the coroner that in the emergency room “they told us it would be fine and every time we asked (for samples to be taken) they told us it was not needed …Blaming Coco and her autism for her own incompetence and for not treating her is absolutely unforgivable.“. Cornwall Live reported that the investigation into the death of the little girl is still open.


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