A 7-year-old boy died after being brutally attacked by the puppy he had just adopted

James McNeelis was seven years old, lived with his family in Creek County, south of Oklahoma, in America, and it was really excited about his new dog, a Shetland Sheepdog mix with Corgi that just they had rescued from the street about three weeks ago.

However the October 20 the McNeelis family suffered a terrible shock after the little James will not return after going out to play with his new pet; they desperately searched for him and it was when his mother Hannah and his dad Michael, along with some rescuers, they found the inert body of the child, mortally wounded in the backyard of the house.

They declared him lifeless right there. There was no time for emergency services to try to revive him. The seven-year-old died after being brutally attacked by the dog while playing outside their own home. James’s family told local media that in three weeks, the dog had not shown to be violent.

Local authorities confirmed that the 7-year-old boy died after the attack by the dog, whom they had adopted a little less than a month ago from the street; the pet is now in a animal control center. But the official confirmation was that the incident was “a tragic accident.”

Your family is devastated

Michael, James’s father wrote on his Facebook account that he, his wife and all the family and friends are waste after the child’s death. “He was so full of life and light and he was going to change the world. And he still is. His light will change the world. We feel alone and lost without him and we’re doing everything we can, but it’s hard. Everything hurts without my little one here“he wrote on his Facebook account.

On the Go Fund Me site, the child’s family members opened a page to receive donations for the burial and memorial of little James; after funeral services have passed, they stated that will leave their home in oklahoma because what happened there hurts them. “We can no longer be here, for James, and for ourselves,” said Michael McNeelis.

Some neighbors of the family told a local media that on the day of the accident they were celebrating a birthday when they heard the heartbreaking cry of the child’s parents and they sensed that something bad was happening; once they heard the unfortunate news, they sympathized with them, since they considered that no family should go through such a tragedy.

With information from KOTV and NY Post


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