A backpack made from recycled materials and compatible with Apple Search

The Targus firm it will be the first, if no one remedies it before, to launch a backpack compatible with Apple’s service, Search. In this sense, the company indicates that it will be ready for next year, but the exact moment when it will be launched is not specified anywhere, although it points to the spring of 2022.

This new Cypress Hero EcoSmart backpack It is made almost entirely from recycled water bottles, so it also helps to take care of the planet. In this sense, several of the products that they have in the Targus product catalog are manufactured with recycled materials.

It will not be necessary to add an AirTag in the backpack

This is undoubtedly very good news for users who carry an AirTag in their backpack as is my case. This type of accessories will be fully compatible with the Apple Search network, so we are going to save a device that we can place elsewhere. In the press release, Scott Elrich, director of global product management for Targus explained:

With today’s mobile device consumers carrying multiple devices and personal belongings, keeping track of all of them can be difficult to manage. At Targus, we’ve combined the latest Apple technology with a smart, thoughtfully designed backpack that meets the needs of mobile consumers. We are aware of the environment and this does not have to be at odds with the comfort, convenience and functionality of a smart product.

Targus also received an award at CES 2022 for its innovation with this backpack. Apple’s Search network has to grow much more and this Cypress Hero EcoSmart in which perfectly fits a new 16-inch MacBook Pro and its accessories, will offer the user one more option to avoid having to use an AirTag in the backpack. We hope to see more products of this type.

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