a bug is messing up file copying, here’s how to get rid of it

For the past few days, a bug has affected saving and copying files on Windows 11 and 10. Microsoft has confirmed the existence of the problem and is currently working on a fix. In the meantime, makeshift solutions exist.

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On May 26, 2023, Windows 11 has just received its Moment 3 update. This new version incorporates various new features on the Microsoft OS, starting with the display of OneDrive storage on the home page, support for audio in Bluetooth LTE or even improvements to Narrator and the touch keyboard.

But it may well be that the update has added some bugs along the way. Although this remains to be confirmed, several users claim to have had problems for a few hours with saving and copying files on Windows 11 and 10.

File copying is broken on Windows 11 and 10

For good reason, the operation fails for no apparent reason. Microsoft quickly confirmed the existence of this malfunctionwhich likely affects 32-bit applications”which support large addresses and use the CopyFile API”.

If File Explorer is not directly affected by this bug, this is however the case for 32-bit Office applications. Separately, Microsoft clarifies that devices with commercial or enterprise security software (and that use extended file attributes) are “more likely to be affected by the problem”.

Retrying the operation may work according to Microsoft

Fortunately, Microsoft has ensured that it is actively working on developing a fix. However, we do not yet know when this patch will be deployed. For now, the Redmond firm has shared some makeshift solutions. So it turns out that the problem is intermittent. In other words, users can retry saving or copying files until the process works.

Also, a workaround has been found on Windows 10 via KIR for Know Issue Rollback. On professional devices, Microsoft indicates that it is necessary to install and configure a specific group policy. For the users concerned, the manufacturer has set up downloads for the two versions of the OS impacted:

As a reminder, Windows 10 and 11 will soon get rid of WinRAR thanks to a new feature that will natively extract the contents of RAR files.

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