A cheap RGB mechanical keyboard with Outemu switch, this is the Krom Kasic

Why pay more for features that we are not going to use? Why do it if we are users who do not want to compete and who simply enjoy the games at our own pace? If you are one of these users or simply your pocket does not reach you, this Krom kasic is made for you. When we talk about cheap, something of poor quality always comes to mind, well, this is one of those products that changes the perspective of that qualifier.

Krom Kasic, don’t compromise on quality versus price

What can we tell you about this gaming keyboard? Well, as we have commented before, we have to banish the idea of ​​cheap is synonymous with bad, incomplete or poor quality. Currently the competition is so voracious that practically no brand makes bad products, another thing is the final price, but in terms of quality everything is very acceptable as a rule today.

And that’s tricky given the number of market segments, but competition drives innovation and therefore overall quality. This Krom Kasic comes to get into the mud of the cheapest keyboards on the market within the segment of mechanical gaming with RGB. And its price is amazing: 29.90 euros, which may not surprise you at first, but let us tell you all about it.

Although the first thing that catches your attention is its imposing RGB system, what is really important is not in sight. And it is that its backlit keys will allow multiple Rainbow lighting modes thanks to the jewel in the crown of this Krom Kasic, its Outemu Red switches.

These switches are classified as medium-high range and have three different versions: red, blue and brown. Those that integrate this gaming keyboard are the first and as such we will have up to 50 million keystrokes before their performance starts to decline.

In addition, the pulsation force is only 47 grams, making it clear that it is intended for players looking for great touch, precision and above all speed. Of course, they allow double tapping, they are linear and allow, as is the case, an RGB system.

Multiple configuration modes and game mode


Although the entire keyboard includes the aforementioned Outemu Red switches, only the 25 keys main will have Antighosting, something normal given its price and that is a plus without a doubt. Logically in an RGB keyboard we hope to be able to configure the lighting and this Krom Kasic was not going to be less. The brand specifies that we will have multiple lighting modes available through its RGB Rainbow system.

The game mode is undoubtedly one of its great assets, since it will allow us to block the Windows key so as not to get out of the game with it and to be able to concentrate on victory. We will not be the last or the first that we have had a keyboard without Game Mode and we have ended up on the desktop at the first change after failing the key.

If this is not enough, this Krom Kasic has twelve multimedia keys, which will allow us to access our email, start our default browser, control the volume or play certain content without having to perform further actions. To make matters worse and as something really interesting, Krom assures that in this mechanical gaming keyboard we can exchange the WASD and arrow keys for others that we like more and that we can buy separately.

This gives it an interesting individual customization touch, since although the keys are made of high-strength and quality plastic, we can always opt for PBT Double Shoot if we require it. This will keep the most used and most worn keys under cover, while we use more expensive and durable ones, allowing the keyboard to always be as the first day and adding an extra grip, feel and customization to this Krom Kasic.

Superior quality and maximum compatibility


Although the brand does not specify materials, it does ensure that with this RGB mechanical gaming keyboard we are facing a model with high quality materials and a premium finish. Part of it has a place thanks to the soft touch that Krom has given to each point of this Kasic, which gives it that commented touch.

Being no less important, we have to talk about its connection and its cable, since it is no less true that many users have problems with this on their desktops. With this Krom Kasic there will be no such problems because we have a high quality nylon braided cable that has a total length of 150 mm and it will be connected to our motherboard through a USB Type-A 2.0.

We finish with its dimensions and weight, also important for many of you, since this Krom Kasic obtains 425 x 135 x 45 mm because as we see it is a complete keyboard with numpad. Its weight reiterates everything said in terms of quality previously: 770 grams, so we are not facing a keyboard that feels low quality, rather the opposite. On the other hand, Krom guarantees full compatibility with operating systems Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10It doesn’t specify anything from Windows 11 though, but it shouldn’t have a problem either given your connection.

Finally we will once again emphasize its price of 29.90 euros taxes included, really tight and competitive, straight to the low and low-middle range where the bulk of the market is to compete on its land. Regarding availability, we can get hold of this Krom Kasic sometime this month of September, to be precise surely in the middle, although the brand does not specify a specific day to put it on sale.

We can buy it in the main stores in our country at the aforementioned price.

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