A cheaper Chromecast with Google TV would be on the way

Last year, Google transformed its chrome cast on a more advanced device. Rather than remain a simple device designed to play streaming content, the Chromecast with Google TV it came with its own internal memory and the ability to install our own applications. It kept all the functions of the previous Chromecast, but now it also worked as a TV Box thanks to its own remote control. Well, everything points to a new generation of Chromecast would be falling.

depending on the medium 9to5Google, that does not usually fail when making predictions about launches of the Mountain View, Google is in the final phase of the development of the new Chromecast with Google TV. They even dare to say the code name with which the product has been worked, “Boreal”, which will replace the Chromecast with current Google TV, called “Sabrina”.

What can we expect from a new Chromecast with Google TV?

The leak does not talk about any specific feature, but some of the changes are speculated more obvious. To begin with, the current Chromecast has very limited internal memory. It only has 8GB shared between applications, the operating system and software updates. Although the device can run games, the experience doesn’t get to be enjoyable the moment you start running low on available space on the device, which happens pretty soon. It would be quite obvious that this new generation of the Chromecast comes with a space of 64 or even 128 gigabytess, more than enough space for be able to install more demanding games and applications.

The AV1 codec

On the other hand, one of the great defects of the current Chromecast with Google TV is that it is not aligned with the company’s future plans. Google is working hard to convert AV1 to the industry standard video codec, and thus leave the VP8 and VP9 codecs behind once and for all. The current device does not support this format, and it is not due to a software problem, but a hardware one. AV1 has some really impressive compression, but it requires a purpose-built processor for optimized content playback.

The AV1 license is free, so many companies involved in the streaming market such as Apple, Amazon, Netflix or Microsoft are working closely with Google to implement this new format. Thanks to this new codec, the bandwidth needed to cover a stream would be reduced. This directly implies a reduction in the costs of all these companies, which, in addition, they would not have to pay licenses to the MPEG group if AV1 were to work. Another clue that indicates that the future Chromecast will be compatible with AV1, yes or yes, is the efforts that Google is making to convert YouTube content, since they are building custom AV1 transcoders in their server farms.

Lastly, the price of this new device should be a lot more competitive if you really want to take on other products like Amazon’s Fire TV Stick. The price of Chromecast with Google TV is quite high compared to the competition, so it would not be strange to also see adowngrade in order to recover lost ground during this last year.

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