A Chuwi HeroBook Pro laptop for less than 190€ at AliExpress!

Head over to AliExpress to take advantage of an incredible offer: the Chuwi HeroBook Pro laptop for less than €190! We explain everything about this offer below.

As the back-to-school season approaches, many are looking for a laptop at a low price. Whether for work or study, we have found the ideal offer to allow you to spend as little as possible during this complicated period. Currently at AliExpress, we have found a Chuwi HeroBook Pro laptop, available for only €187.60 instead of €219.60.

To take advantage of this exceptional price, all you have to do is use the code SDFR842. And another good news: it is shipped from Spain and delivered for free in just 7-10 days.

And for those who don’t know the Chuwi brand and its laptops, don’t panic. We explain everything there is to know about this laptop in the rest of this article.

Chuwi’s HeroBook Pro: a laptop to accompany you in your daily life

The HeroBook Pro laptop from Chuwi is not expensive, but it is still interesting. It notably offers an Intel Gemini lake N4020 processor with a Hard-Decoding 4K@30Hz UHD Graphics 600 graphics card and 8GB of RAM with 256GB of SSD storage. It also features an ultra-wide edgeless keyboard and a 14.1-inch FHD IPS display.

Equipped with a 38Wh battery, it can last between 3 and 7 hours with a 24W fast charge. Finally, it should be noted that it benefits from the pre-installed Windows 10 OS operating system.

At AliExpress, at the time of writing, it has already been ordered by almost 200 people and it garners an average of 4.7/5. It is also sold by the official Chuwi store in Spain, which has a positive rating of 96.4%.

So you have no reason not to fall for this Chuwi laptop at a bargain price!

This article is a sponsored post offered by AliExpress.

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