A cinema experience: team building competitions in Cinesa theaters

Have you ever thought about facing your boss in a FIFA match? Would you like to team up with your battle partner in Super Smash Bros and on the big screen? The company team buildings they are evolving more and more and now the cinema offers you new experiences to share with your co-workers.

movies, the leading cinematographic exhibition company in Spain, offers a reservation service for its rooms for holding private gaming events, through which the most passionate in this world can rent a room and compete surrounded by good company. With this experience – which also ensures the best quality thanks to the XXL screens, the sharpness of the image and surround sound – you can enjoy a live competition with your colleagues and bosses, who will now become rivals.

The objective of this initiative is position movie theaters as a space where you can enjoy a different experience. Enjoying video games at home, with your computer or mobile, is fine, but imagine what it would be like to be able to do it on a big screen, in a movie theater reserved exclusively for you and your companions. Cinesa wanted to take advantage of the technology, versatility and comfort of its theaters to adapt to a new reality and to the new hobbies of users. For this reason, it has decided to diversify its range of services by offering the possibility of renting its rooms to enjoy entertainment privately. Thanks to the Gaming Pack offered by Cinesa, you can now book a movie theater to hold gaming sessions, with the possibility for attendees to face each other, ensuring an exclusive experience with the best quality.

The video game industry continues to evolve and the number of players continues to increase. In addition, in recent months, the passion for this content has grown exponentially. The gaming world has shown that it is here to stay, therefore, it only remains to adapt to this new consumer demand.

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Exploiting all available resources is necessary and with this service, Cinesa shows its commitment to launching services that go beyond the experience of watching a movie in a movie theater. A private room for enjoy a gaming session it goes far beyond sitting in front of a keyboard at home.

“Sitting at home in front of a keyboard and playing online with your friends is fine, but the experience of being in a movie theater sharing the session with your friends goes further. The experience we lived in the Cinesa room served as a point of union for a whole group of friends who share the same hobby. It allowed us to live the experience 100%, being able to share the adrenaline with your friends has nothing to do with playing from home”, assured one of the users of the Gaming Pack offered by Cinesa.

The experience provides a private room with the technology to connect your console to the movie screen. In addition, it offers 2 and a half hours of fun with your companions, who can be up to 20 people. The Gaming Package It is available from Monday to Thursday, except holidays, and includes some popcorn and a soft drink for each attendee. You can enjoy this experience at Cinesa La Maquinista, Cinesa Diagonal, Cinesa Diagonal Mar, Cinesa Som Multiespai, Cinesa Urbil, Cinesa Las Rozas, Cinesa LUXE Equinoccio, Cinesa LUXE La Moraleja, Cinesa Príncipe Pío, Cinesa Méndez Álvaro, Cinesa Manoteras, Cinesa Festival Park, Cinesa Camas, Cinesa LUXE Bonaire, Cinesa Zubiarte and Cinesa Puerto Venecia.

This sector has already shown that it is an industry resilient, able to adapt to all circumstances. Due to their characteristics, gaming competitions can be held in person or remotely. However, living it in a movie theater with your classmates offers you an immersive experience that you will not be able to achieve in any other way. Undoubtedly, having experiences outside the office strengthens personal ties and improves teamwork. Get this for your business, thanks to cinema and Cinesa.

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