a civil rights audit is requested by the shareholders

Apple is often singled out for the conditions in its factories. But the accusations never came from his own camp.

This is the kind of announcement that we surely do not like to wait. As Tim Cook prepares like everyone else to celebrate Christmas and the New Year with his loved ones, the boss of Apple has received an end-of-year gift in advance, but he surely had not put it on. his list to Santa Claus.

Indeed, Apple shareholders have requested that an investigation be opened into the firm’s position with regard to respect for civil rights among employees of the brand. It was a group of shareholders from the company itself who asked for an audit to take place to understand what is really going on within Apple Park.

Indeed, they would have doubts about the real working conditions at Apple in relation to the speech advocated by the Apple brand. This announcement obviously refers to the multiple cases classified under the hashtag #AppleToo which made a sensational entry on social networks in recent weeks.

An audit to clarify this story

First victory for shareholders, or first defeat in this history for Tim Cook, the SEC has authorized this audit. The latter will have to decide whether or not Apple adds confidentiality clauses and non-disclosure agreements in its contracts. According to the Market Watch site, the audit should also focus on equality issues with people of color. These facts, if they are true, would indeed be in total disagreement with Apple’s inclusion policy.

This giant of capitalism has always shown a benevolent face to his public, capable of integrating people of all origins and all cultures into his company. But in recent months, the beautiful immaculate portrait of Apple has started to lose its purity. The shareholders point out in particular the fact that in the positions of responsibility, no person of Hispanic origin is present, and only one person of color.

A reality duller than Apple’s speech?

It should also be noted that the proportion ratio between people of color and said to be “of Hispanic origin” is very unfavorable to these minorities. According to the latest report, which only dates back to 2020, black people are only 4% of Apple’s “leadership”. Only a small percent more than in 2014.

The three shareholders behind this survey are SOC Investment Group, which owns more than 20 million AAPL shares, as well as Trillium Asset Management, which announces that it owns more than one million shares, and finally Service Employees International Union, which has an “important” part without the exact number of shares being known.

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