A complete pack of RGB gaming peripherals for €35? Krom Kenya arrives

Christmas has arrived and the most likely thing is that you have given yourself a computer for yourself. Whatever system you have purchased, you are surely going to need something as essential as a basic peripherals kit and this is what the people of Krom have thought with their peripheral kit kenya. Which includes in the same package not only the essential keyboard and mouse, but also headphones at a very competitive price. Let’s see, therefore, what this economically interesting pack offers us

One of the things that is usually overlooked when building our own computer or, failing that, buying one that has already been built. It is the fact that we tend to overlook the purchase of essential peripherals and many times this is beyond our budget. That is why this peripheral kit that the people at Krom have launched seems ideal to us. Especially if the budget for your new PC is tight or you need to have the complete set and you are not at a time when you can afford to spend a lot of money.

What does Krom’s Kenya peripheral kit bring us?

Well, in total 3 different peripherals and a mousepad. All of them with RGB lighting and perfectly fulfill the basic functions.

  • First of all, we have some adjustable headband headphones with built-in flexible microphone, both to listen to the audio in the games and to chat with your friends, either colloquially or in a game. have volume control On the left side. These are found fully padded and isolate us from the environment, while allowing us to be immersed in the action of the game thanks to its 50mm headphones.
  • The second peripheral is a full keyboardand therefore with numeric keypad. We must emphasize that its shape allows us to rest our hands while we write if necessary. This is not a mechanical keyboard but a membrane. Other of its characteristics? Anti-Ghostingthe capacity of lock windows key Y shortcut keys to multimedia functions.
  • The last of the peripherals is a optical mouse which, apart from the 3 buttons and the wheel, has 2 additional side buttons and an optical sensor with 6 pre-programmed DPI precision levels which we can select: 800, 1600, 2400, 3200, 4800 and 8000. In addition to having an ergonomic design that fits smoothly in our hand.
  • And to finish, the kit is complemented with a mat with a surface area of ​​450 x 400 mm and a thickness of 3 mm. Ideal if you have a table with which the optical sensor of the mouse cannot move well.

Price and availability

The official retail price is €34.90, a price that is almost a bargain if we take into account everything that is included as standard, which makes it ideal for the most modest pockets. Regarding its availability in stores, you should see it in the next few days in case you are interested in purchasing it. Krom Kenya peripherals kit.

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