a connected watch that measures blood pressure

With its rectangular design and its plumpness, the new connected watch from Huawei may not appeal to lovers of fine watchmaking. On the other hand, the Watch D could well find its public near the sportsmen.

With a design close to the aesthetic canons of traditional watchmaking, Huawei’s Watch and Watch GT watches are aimed at the general public. But the Watch D, which the Chinese giant presented recently, is intended for another audience that will not be afraid to wear a thicker watch with rectangular shapes: that of sportsmen and those concerned about their health.

Air cushions in the bracelet

The Watch D is indeed the first of its kind to measure the user’s blood pressure! Huawei has integrated a micro-pump that inflates the cushions present in the bracelet. The manufacturer announces an accuracy of the order of 3 millimeters of mercury (mmHg)! Those who need a dedicated medical device should keep it, however the watch has received certification from the Chinese health authorities.

And it is not finished, since the Watch D also embeds a SpO2 sensor to measure the oxygenation of the blood, a heart rate sensor, as well as a device to carry out electrocardiograms (ECG). There is also a sensor that measures the temperature of the skin.

Credit: Huawei

It is therefore a very complete “health” watch that is offered by Huawei, which explains its thickness (13.6 mm, against 10.7 mm on the Watch Fit). The aluminum chassis weighs 40.9 grams, which is close to an Apple Watch. Its 1.64-inch rectangular screen displays 280 x 456 pixels (326 ppi resolution). The Watch D also has a GPS and its autonomy is 7 days maximum.

Huawei sells this product for the equivalent of 415 €. The manufacturer has not promised anything concerning marketing elsewhere than in China.

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